Thursday, June 23, 2011

Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale haul


I wanted to hurry and post my haul for the VS semi-annual sale so you could all take advantage of the deals!

First off, everything in their secret garden line was 6 for $20 so this is what I picked up:

 Ultra-moisturizing body butters in Luscious kisses and Pure Seduction.

I wanted more but they ran out of a couple of my favorite scents.

 Ultra-moisturizing hand and body lotion in Coconut Passion and Mango Temptation and Exhilarating body wash in Coconut Passion.

These mini PINK body mists were on clearance for $2, I got Aloha Pink in tropical and juicy and PINK with a splash in cool & carefree.

I think I'm gonna go back this weekend because the sales ends in stores on Monday, so if you haven't checked it out yet you better hurry! :)


Miss Tapia said...

I want to go so bad! I hit up BBW's sale and scored some good deals but I want VS stuff!

Kassandra said...

I wanna try the Aloha Pink so bad!!! I've looked at 3 different VS's and can't find the mini's or the bigger ones!!

Looks like you got some awesome goodies girl! I love Luscious Kisses!!

Have a good weekend!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Great haul!
I also hit up VS semi annual yesterday but I didnt score any of those body butters!

Segments of Life said...

I soo wish I was in the states right now... :(

Nicole Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing...I had no idea the semi-annual sale was goin on :) Looks like I have some shopping to do!

-Nicole Alicia

Joann said...

Nice haul and awesome finds! I'm purposefully avoiding the VS semi-annual this summer because I'll end up broke lol! Have a nice weekend xoxo

Ashley said...

I love VS. I missed out on the sale yet again. I wonder what the Aloha Pink smells like. The one that comes in a blue bottle (I don't know the scent) smells so good to me.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely LOVE perfumes & body sprays & fragrance mists, etc... i will def have VS on my bday wishlist! <3 my hubby is gonna have a heart attack when he see's it, lol!