Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project 10 pan: One month update

Hello beauties!!

It's been a busy time for me lately since on top of my usual day to day things I've had family visiting the last 2 weeks and more coming in this weekend. So needless to say I've been quite busy entertaining them doing the tourist thing and what not. It's fun to see everyone but it does make you tired going non stop day after day! I did however make time to squeeze in this post(at 5am on no sleep lol) since today is exactly one month since I started project 10 pan. I will admit it's been very hard to resist buying anything especially since the past couple weeks I've been asked to take a few of my cousins to MAC and Sephora. I will say a few times I almost gave in and bought so many things but I didn't. I was proud of myself!

My original post on project 10 pan is HERE.

 Just to recap my original items I wanted to finish:

These are the items that are currently finished:

-Clean&Clear dual action moisturizer
-Rimmel Fix & Perfect foundation primer
-Original strawberry Chapstick
-Lipsmackers in Watermelon
-Loreal Collagen mascara

Other misc. items I've finished:

-Beyond Belief skin cleansing towelettes
-Nivea a kiss of moisture lip balm
-Herbal Essences long term relationship leave in condtioner

So, I'm about half way done which I think is good after only one month. I do think the rest will take me much longer but that's okay because it feels great to use what I have and not see things just sit there.

I'm hoping more free time comes my way soon because I really miss blogging and all my beauty babes!

Take care!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FOTD: Golden browns

Hello my beauties!!

Here is the look I've been wearing the last couple days, it was something fast but I like the colors together.

I think I tilted my head to the side in these eye pics because they look uneven lol

Products used to get this look:

MAC eye shadow in Woodwinked (Lid)
MAC eye shadow in Texture (in crease and lower lashline)
MAC eye shadow in Swiss Chocolate (on top of Texture in crease and lower lash line)
MAC eye shadow in Llama (Highlight and tear duct)
MAC eyebrow wax in Clear
Maybelline Define-a-brow in Dark brown
Loreal Carbon black lineur intense
Rimmel Max volume flash mascara
MAC prep+prime face
MAC mineralized skin finish natural in Medium dark
Sally girl blush in C-ya
Nivea a kiss of moisture lip balm
Wet N Wild mega last lip color in Think Pink 901B
NYX mega shine lipgloss in Beige

Hope you likey!

Monday, April 5, 2010

8 things tag

I was recently tagged by Rai, it was pretty hard to think of 8 things so one of the categories only has 7! lol


8 T.V. Shows I like to Watch:

1. Degrassi
2. Vampire Diaries
3. Keeping up with the Kardashians
4. RuPaul's Drag Race
5. America's Next Top Model
6. L.A. Ink
7. Man v. Food
8. True Life

8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink:

1. McDonald's
2. Taco Bell
3. L&L Hawaiian BBQ
4. Raising Cane's
5. Sweet Tomatoes
6. Chili's
7. Chipotle
8. Wing Stop

8 Things I look Forward to:

1. Moving to a new place
2. Visiting the fam in San Diego
3. Going back to school
4. Being able to buy makeup after this no buy is done!
5. Degrassi's new season to start lol (it's been way too long!)
6. Seeing my bestie again
7. For Dear John to come out on DVD so I can watch it over and over!
8. To see Eclipse(the movie)!

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:

1. I slept in for once
2. I had a passion iced tea lemonade  for the first time in a year
3. I took my time getting ready, which I never do
4. I seen some people I haven't in a long time
5. I made dinner
6. I got texts from lots of unknown numbers saying happy easter lol
7. I got irritated with a certain person
8. I went to sleep extra early

8 Things I like about Winter:

1. The weather
2. Wearing comfy warm clothes
3. The feeling in the air when it's getting close to Christmas
4. Going up to the mountains and seeing snow
5. My birthday is during this time.
6. Sleeping with extra blankets all nice and cozy
7. All the Christmas sales!
8. Christmas shopping in general

8 Things on my Wish List:

1. MAC lipstick in Creme d'nude
2. Nars eye shadow in Mekong
3. MUFE eye shadow #92
4. OCC lip tars
5. Tarte 24/7 lip sheer in Summer fling
6. Urban Decay primer potion in Eden
7. About Face by Scott Barnes
8. Lush Fresh Farmacy cleanser

8 Things I'm Passionate About:

1. My life
2. My family
3. My friendships
4. Makeup
5. Blogging
6. Learning new things
7. My future

8 Words or Phrases I used Often:

1. Umm ok?
2. Sure
3. Suck your butt! (inside joke lol)
4. Oh gosh
5. So yeah
6. Those suck
7. Ay dios!
8. Oh my lord

8 Things I Learned From the Past:

1. Not everyone is who you think they are
2. Don't trust so easily
3. Don't fall fast
4. It's not always love
5. Think before you say something
6. Don't do something just because everyone else does
7. Leave a little to the imagination
8. Experiance all you can

8 Places I would Love to go Visit/See:

1. Canada
2. England
3. Ireland
4. Japan
5. Italy
6. Hawaii
7. Alaska
8. Amsterdam

8 Things I Currently Want/Need:

1. Clothes
2. A smoothie
3. New phone
4. Haircut
5. Gummy bears
6. Shoes
7. Black purse
8. A new book to read

8 People I would love to Tag:

1. Linea
2. Van
3. Tammy
4. Sofia
5. ndoodles
6. Natasha
7. Ahleessa
8. Makeup Mama

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

I hope you all have a great easter!

Don't eat too many chocolate bunnies and peeps! hehe :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Swatches: Kat Von D True Romance Palette-Memento Mori

Hey everyone!

I talked about getting this on Twitter and Rai suggested swatches, sorry they took so long!

Back in February, I was browsing the Sephora website and came across this new palette by Kat Von D:

The packaging was the first thing that caught my eye since all her other palette's are black. The eyeshadow shades represent the Day of the Dead skulls. It is limited edition but still available at Sephora or Sephora.com for $34.

Here's a look at the shadows:

The swatches are over a base, MAC paint pot in Layin Low.

L to R:
Cream Shadow in True (the only cream), Solitude, Meditation, Agatha Pink, Sugar Skull, Peggy, Hard Luck and Tijuana.

I really love the colors! Except for the cream shadow and Solitude they all have a tiny bit of shimmer but nothing overpowering. Tijuana has gold shimmers in it that really go well with the darkness of the brown.

If you have any questions or would like to see a look with this palette, let me know!

Have a great weekend!!