Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm back with mini hauls!

Hello everyone!

I know, long time no blog and no one is more upset about it than me. I was really on a roll getting posts out again, I even still have a bunch that need to go up and BAM all these things in my life happened at once. I went back and forth on whether or not to do a little post about it all but I figured I'll just get right back into what this blog is really about and that's makeup. I also got a new camera so after all the drafts are up all the posts after that will have better quality pictures!

First, I'm going to share some mini hauls I did while I was away.

I went to Target for some essentials and of course ventured on over to the makeup and had to get some Elf, I can never pass it up!

 Elf ($1) lipstick in Classy, Elf Studio lengthening & volumizing mascara and Elf ($1) liquid liner (I LOVE this! Thank you Van for the suggestion on FB!)

Then I stopped at Walmart since I was running out of nail polish remover, I swear this is the only stuff I'll use for my nails!

Onyx professional 100% Acetone nail polish remover

Okay I lied, here's a little preview of a pic from the new camera. Somehow I lost the original pic I took of these.
Equate tear-free Detangler Spray and Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover.

That's everything, I'm trying to not spend too much because I'm going to my cousins Tahitian dance competition at the end of the month in San Jose. I can't wait, I need to get away for a little!

If you would like a review on any of these things just let me know!


Kassandra said...

I love that nail polish remover too! A few friends swear by the Zoya nail polish remover and I finally caved yesterday and ordered some. I'd love to know if that detangler works good, my hair needs something good. I recently tried some suave for kids kind and I wasn't that impressed except the smell was awesome!

Hope your having a fabulous night!

Janel said...

I use onyx too! For a while, I was trying other nail polish removers but nothing compares to 100% acetone. Last time I bought it, I was asked for my ID. It was weird, even the cashier was surprised. I have that elf lippie too. It's such a cute pink color. I've never tried that liquid eyeliner, how do you like it?

Mz_Unique423 said...

I love the ELF liquid eyeliner!! I havent tried the mascara though, do you liike it?

Janel said...

Whaat? They drink that stuff? My goodness... first I've heard of that, lol. Teens these days. hahaha. Oh the elf lippie, love the color... but mine broke too! First time I used it too! I still use it though, lol. I used it in my profile picture. I like the texture of it, it's just sad that it breaks so easily. I'm going to get that eyeliner next time I go to target :)