Saturday, June 18, 2011

Products I regret buying #2

Hey everyone!

I hope your weekend is starting off great so far!

Since I got a pretty good response on my last post like this I decided to look through all my stuff and dig out even more products I regret buying.

So, here they are...

1. VO5 Herbal escapes clarifying shampoo in Kiwi lime squeeze. I know this stuff is really cheap and even sold in some dollar stores but I got it because I wanted to try a clarifying shampoo to help control my oil and rid my hair of any of the residue left over from my normal shampoo. This stuff dried out my scalp way too much to the point that it was itchy and even started to flake, gross!

2. Tresemme 24 hour body root boosting spray. I have fine hair that is just about stick straight so needless to say it has no volume, ever lol. After trying countless things to give me some kind of lift with no luck, I decided to give this a try only because I really liked the finishing spray from the same line. Well this didn't impress me at all like the finishing spray did, this did absolutely nothing for my hair it was like spraying plain old water in it.

3. mark. shine fighter oil-control mask. I usually stick to my queen helene mint julep mask but when all the hype about mark was going around I really wanted to try out their skincare stuff and as soon as I seen something for oil-control I had to get it. This mask was just like putting glue on my face, it was really sticky and gooey and once I rinsed it off it made no difference in my face at all except for maybe dry it out.

4. mark. go with thegrain exfoliating beads. This was another product I got because of all the mark hype and I was yet again disappointed. The beads were so finely milled that once you mixed in with your cleanser like the directions stated it disappeared into nothing, so obviously there was no exfoliating happening. Total fail.

5. Elf ($1) Waterproof eyeliner pen. I was hoping this might be somewhat decent because I really love elf but sadly is wasn't. The problem is that it's not pigmented at all, I got it in black and it barely showed up no matter how much I shook it or tipped it, the color never got any darker. It really sucks because the pen form makes it really easy to apply but it's a waste if the product doesn't show up.

What's something you regret buying?

*These are just my opinions/experiences with these products, they may or may not work the same way for you*


Mrs.Makeup said...

Thanks for the product post,I have wanted to try these items from Mark but I think I will pass hehe.

I didn't like the Tresseme 24 spray either I kept spraying it and nothing changed heh.

ndoodles said...

I love posts like these! It helps me save money :D THANKS!

Kassandra said...

I got the same results from that Elf liner. I got one that was similar from Smashbox in their Burlesque set. OMG AMAZING!!!! The only thing is do I really want to spend over $20 to replace it when it kicks the bucket.

I've never tried any Mark products but would actually like to.

As for Vo5 I haven't used it in years. I never felt like it actually got my hair clean. I always felt like it left a bunch of residue in my hair. For removing residue I use the Neutrogena anti-residue and it works really well. The smell is not all that pleasant but oh well lol.

I love most Tresseme products but some are kinda hit or miss. It seems like the products everyone else raves about I end up hating haha.

Until next time,

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the Tresemme product. I have the same one sitting at the bottom of a drawer because it was such a failure for me lol.

Glimmer City said...

I like the mark products but ugh, I have a drawer full of stuff I regret buying. I really need to stop impulse shopping!

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G A B Y said...

Aww I'm sorry these products didn't work! I was interested in the mark. scrub, it sucks it doesn't exfoliate! I hate when it happens ):

Ashley said...

Omg, I HATE that E.L.F. waterproof pen. It seems like nothing was in it.