Monday, June 27, 2011

Finished products of the month

Hey everyone!!

I'm writing this post in the middle of the night because tonight I'm leaving for vacation and didn't want to totally abandon my blog.

But yeah, so I decided to make these posts my finished products of the month since I go through things pretty fast or there isn't much left and I use it up.

1. St. Ives soothing oatmeal & shea butter body moisturizer. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I have eczema so I'm always trying out new moisturizers to see what works for me. This one was actually pretty good, it had a nice pleasant fragrance and did a very good job at moisturizing my skin. The best part is that it's less than $4!

2. Suave detangling spray. I always have to use something to detangle my hair after the shower and I had really high hopes for this one but unfortunately it didn't work for my hair. I had to use a lot of product to even get it to somewhat detangle and even then it really didn't do much. I did love the scent which was apple but that was about it.

3. Onyx Professional 100% pure acetone nail polish remover. I've mentioned this in several posts and it's still the only remover I use for my nails. I've already picked up a new one!

4. Aussie 3 minute miracle. I did a post on this not too long after I started blogging and said that this stuff was something that didn't work for me. Well after the package change and my sister buying it and loving it, I figured why not give it another try! It sadly still didn't work for me, it was more like a daily conditioner rather than a deep conditioner as it says. I really wanted to love it because it's so affordable and smells delicious.

5. Garnier Fructis fortifying deep conditioner 3 minute masque. I really love this masque, it really conditions well and makes my hair feel so soft. I wanted to get the big jar after I was done with these small sizes but after checking a few stores I think it might be discontinued because it's never there and I didn't see a spot for it. If you've seen it in stores please let me know where!

6. Lipsmackers in Strawberry Vanilla. These are my hg lip balms I can't go a day without them!

So, that's everything.

What have you finished lately?

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Janel said...

Aw, you finished lots of stuff! I just finished my St. Ives lotion... it was the collagen one. Didn't like it that much. Just bought the mineral therapy one yesterday :).