Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: Equate detangling spray


So, a couple weeks ago when I included this product in a haul I got a comment from Kassandra (check her out if you haven't already!!) asking how I liked this so I figured why not do a review!

What it claims: Tear free, can use on wet or dry hair for silkier, tangle-free hair.

Compare to: Johnson's no more tangles (light green bottle)

Where to buy it: Only available at Walmart

Price: $1.97

My Rating: 4.5 Peace signs

The Good: Okay first and foremost I LOVE how this smells! I can't quite describe what the scent is other than delicious! lol. My other favorite part about it is the spray nozzle (shown below) it twists to lock and gives the perfect mist. It does a really good job at detangling like it says with both wet and dry hair.

The Bad: I will say that sometimes when my hair is extra tangled I have to use kind of a lot of product to be able to get my comb through but even though this is a con, I don't mind it too much.

Overall: I would say this is great alternative to the Johnson's detangler and definitely recommend giving it a try to see how it works for you!

*This is just MY experience/opinion on this product, it may or may not work the same for you. You never know!*

Monday, June 27, 2011

Finished products of the month

Hey everyone!!

I'm writing this post in the middle of the night because tonight I'm leaving for vacation and didn't want to totally abandon my blog.

But yeah, so I decided to make these posts my finished products of the month since I go through things pretty fast or there isn't much left and I use it up.

1. St. Ives soothing oatmeal & shea butter body moisturizer. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I have eczema so I'm always trying out new moisturizers to see what works for me. This one was actually pretty good, it had a nice pleasant fragrance and did a very good job at moisturizing my skin. The best part is that it's less than $4!

2. Suave detangling spray. I always have to use something to detangle my hair after the shower and I had really high hopes for this one but unfortunately it didn't work for my hair. I had to use a lot of product to even get it to somewhat detangle and even then it really didn't do much. I did love the scent which was apple but that was about it.

3. Onyx Professional 100% pure acetone nail polish remover. I've mentioned this in several posts and it's still the only remover I use for my nails. I've already picked up a new one!

4. Aussie 3 minute miracle. I did a post on this not too long after I started blogging and said that this stuff was something that didn't work for me. Well after the package change and my sister buying it and loving it, I figured why not give it another try! It sadly still didn't work for me, it was more like a daily conditioner rather than a deep conditioner as it says. I really wanted to love it because it's so affordable and smells delicious.

5. Garnier Fructis fortifying deep conditioner 3 minute masque. I really love this masque, it really conditions well and makes my hair feel so soft. I wanted to get the big jar after I was done with these small sizes but after checking a few stores I think it might be discontinued because it's never there and I didn't see a spot for it. If you've seen it in stores please let me know where!

6. Lipsmackers in Strawberry Vanilla. These are my hg lip balms I can't go a day without them!

So, that's everything.

What have you finished lately?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale haul


I wanted to hurry and post my haul for the VS semi-annual sale so you could all take advantage of the deals!

First off, everything in their secret garden line was 6 for $20 so this is what I picked up:

 Ultra-moisturizing body butters in Luscious kisses and Pure Seduction.

I wanted more but they ran out of a couple of my favorite scents.

 Ultra-moisturizing hand and body lotion in Coconut Passion and Mango Temptation and Exhilarating body wash in Coconut Passion.

These mini PINK body mists were on clearance for $2, I got Aloha Pink in tropical and juicy and PINK with a splash in cool & carefree.

I think I'm gonna go back this weekend because the sales ends in stores on Monday, so if you haven't checked it out yet you better hurry! :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Products I regret buying #2

Hey everyone!

I hope your weekend is starting off great so far!

Since I got a pretty good response on my last post like this I decided to look through all my stuff and dig out even more products I regret buying.

So, here they are...

1. VO5 Herbal escapes clarifying shampoo in Kiwi lime squeeze. I know this stuff is really cheap and even sold in some dollar stores but I got it because I wanted to try a clarifying shampoo to help control my oil and rid my hair of any of the residue left over from my normal shampoo. This stuff dried out my scalp way too much to the point that it was itchy and even started to flake, gross!

2. Tresemme 24 hour body root boosting spray. I have fine hair that is just about stick straight so needless to say it has no volume, ever lol. After trying countless things to give me some kind of lift with no luck, I decided to give this a try only because I really liked the finishing spray from the same line. Well this didn't impress me at all like the finishing spray did, this did absolutely nothing for my hair it was like spraying plain old water in it.

3. mark. shine fighter oil-control mask. I usually stick to my queen helene mint julep mask but when all the hype about mark was going around I really wanted to try out their skincare stuff and as soon as I seen something for oil-control I had to get it. This mask was just like putting glue on my face, it was really sticky and gooey and once I rinsed it off it made no difference in my face at all except for maybe dry it out.

4. mark. go with thegrain exfoliating beads. This was another product I got because of all the mark hype and I was yet again disappointed. The beads were so finely milled that once you mixed in with your cleanser like the directions stated it disappeared into nothing, so obviously there was no exfoliating happening. Total fail.

5. Elf ($1) Waterproof eyeliner pen. I was hoping this might be somewhat decent because I really love elf but sadly is wasn't. The problem is that it's not pigmented at all, I got it in black and it barely showed up no matter how much I shook it or tipped it, the color never got any darker. It really sucks because the pen form makes it really easy to apply but it's a waste if the product doesn't show up.

What's something you regret buying?

*These are just my opinions/experiences with these products, they may or may not work the same way for you*

Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: St. Ives Natually Clear Green Tea Scrub

What it claims: From America's #1 scrub brand, this scrub with skin-soothing green tea gently fights blemishes and reduces redness & irritation caused by acne. The result is clean and calm skin.

-Dermatologist tested
-Clears break outs and reduced redness
-Salicylic acid (1%) acne medication with 100% natural green tea
-Formulated without parabens and phthalates
-Not tested on animals
-Does not contain animal ingredients

Size: 4.5 fl oz.

Price: $4.99-$7.99

Where you can buy it: Walmart, Target, Drugstores and anywhere else St. Ives products are sold.

My Rating: 3 peace signs

The Good: First off it smells SO good, it has a slight floral but very clean scent. The formula is a nice consistency not too thick or thin. The beads are very fine so it isn't harsh on the skin at all. I also really like the fact that it's made with more natural ingredients.

The Bad: I personally like a semi harsh scrub for my face because it's the only thing that helps with my blackheads and the stubborn dry spots I get occasionally. With this scrub I found that since the beads were so tiny and fine it really didn't get as much off as I would've liked.

Overall: This would definitely be better for those who prefer a light scrub or have minimal to no problems with blackheads, it just wasn't for my skin type (Oily-combination).

*This is just MY experience/opinion on this product, it may or may not work the same for you*

If you have any questions on anything I might have left out, please leave a comment and let me know!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

NOTW and new nail polish storage


I've been trying to paint my nails every week or so because I just can't wait any longer to use all the new nabi polishes I got!

Polishes used:

Nabi polish in Summer Purple and Seche Vite fast dry top coat

A few weeks ago I went to Target and decided to pick up this large snapware container to house all my nail polish.

I love that it has two containers that are very wide and spacious. I don't have enough to fill a whole one but everytime I look at it, I want to buy more to take up the space lol.

What do you store your nail polish in?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm back with mini hauls!

Hello everyone!

I know, long time no blog and no one is more upset about it than me. I was really on a roll getting posts out again, I even still have a bunch that need to go up and BAM all these things in my life happened at once. I went back and forth on whether or not to do a little post about it all but I figured I'll just get right back into what this blog is really about and that's makeup. I also got a new camera so after all the drafts are up all the posts after that will have better quality pictures!

First, I'm going to share some mini hauls I did while I was away.

I went to Target for some essentials and of course ventured on over to the makeup and had to get some Elf, I can never pass it up!

 Elf ($1) lipstick in Classy, Elf Studio lengthening & volumizing mascara and Elf ($1) liquid liner (I LOVE this! Thank you Van for the suggestion on FB!)

Then I stopped at Walmart since I was running out of nail polish remover, I swear this is the only stuff I'll use for my nails!

Onyx professional 100% Acetone nail polish remover

Okay I lied, here's a little preview of a pic from the new camera. Somehow I lost the original pic I took of these.
Equate tear-free Detangler Spray and Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover.

That's everything, I'm trying to not spend too much because I'm going to my cousins Tahitian dance competition at the end of the month in San Jose. I can't wait, I need to get away for a little!

If you would like a review on any of these things just let me know!