Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Wishlist

I've already expressed my love for polyvore and since I had some time on my hands I thought it would be cool to make a wishlist of all the things I'm totally lemming over right now so here it is...

Neeyuh's wishlist
Neeyuh's wishlist - by Neeyuhhhh on

I know most of these things will stay a "wish" but ohhh a girl can dream! lol

Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm a P-I-M-P

hahaha jk jk this week two lovely blogger babes pimped out my sale so...

Go check out these sexy ladies and their sales!!

Spend some of that paper!


Click HERE to check out Van's sale

Click HERE to check out Tammy's Sale

Click HERE to check out Kimberly Tia's Sale

Click HERE to check out Abby's sale

If anyone else is having a sale let me know and I'll pimp you out too! haha

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

What it Claims: -Unique pen and fast-drying formula allows anyone to "Design & Go!" Create nail designs over any nail color.

-Fine-tip pen makes it easy to control and draw precise lines for a French Manicure.

-Mistake-proof formula can be removed or corrected with a moist cotton swab without damaging dry nail polish.

-Water-based formula is environmentally friendly.

-Great for French Pedicure tips too!

Colors Available: White, Black, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Blue, Red, Silver and Gold.

(credit to for the info)

Price: $7.99 but it also depends on where you buy it from because a lot of retailers have been putting these on sale.

Where you can buy it: Walgreens, Kmart. Pretty much just be on lookout for them since their so new they'll most likely be popping up all over soon.

My Rating: 4 peace signs

Tip for Use: Make sure that you shake it up for a good 20-30 seconds, this will make it more workable and help with the consistency of the formula. Believe me if you don't shake it up good enough you will have a big mess on your hands, literally! You also have to let it completely and totally dry you can't guess with this because if you put a topcoat over it too soon there goes your design all streaky and messed up. I like to wait at least 10 sometimes 15 minutes, that is a really long time but I made the mistake of thinking it was dry before that time and my whole nail was filled with black streaks, not cute! I don't feel you have to push down the tip before every use as the package sort of leads you to believe but you have to be the judge, just take a look at the point and if it looks dry then you can push it down to moisten it more but if not then just shake it up and go! Also, never never test this on a bare nail you must have either a top coat or a nail color on or it will stain.

The Good: The fine tip really make it easy to do all kinds of designs, my personal favorite is polka dots, you can do them fast and always precise. Lines are easy too but you have to have a steady hand, it's just like drawing but instead of it being a flat surface it's rounded so you have to adjust to that. French manicures are extremely easy to do as well as checker patterns, the formula also lets you build on the lines if you need them to be thicker without streaks or empty spots. Pretty much any small design you can draw you can do with this pen but keep in mind if it's something that needs filling in such as a heart you will need to make sure you shake it before filling in so that it doesn't leave streaks. This pen is extremely convenient, fits well into your hand, isn't too bulky or heavy so it makes the "designing" easy. Since the formula is water based if you make a mistake all you have to do is take a slightly dampened cotton pad and wipe the design right off without messing up your actual nail color. How awesome is that?!

The Bad: The price is the biggest con for me, I mean $7.99 for .067 fl. oz! That's totally ridiculous BUT if you get it on sale such as a BOGO free then it's not so bad. If you have short nails like I do then have to really be careful if you're doing french manicure because if it hits your skin it is a biatch to get off, you have to try and hurry to the sink before it dries if you even have a chance to get it off quick. It stains your skin and doesn't budge without some serious scrubbing.

Overall: No matter the cons I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE these. For someone like me who really doesn't have much patience when it comes to nail designs (I mean like nail stickers were my bf's! lol) this pen makes it so easy to do cute designs and fast. I just really wish they were cheaper because I would so have them in every color. I'm also kind of worried how long that small amount is really going to last but so far after a couple weeks of use and testing it shows no signs of being done. But if the price doesn't bother you and you want to do some madd cute and easy designs then I would totally recommend getting these!

*Just MY opinion of this product*

If you ladies have any questions about this on anything I might have left out, just let mee know!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

NOTW-Minnie Remixed

Happy Monday!! Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

Awhile back Ahleessa did this Minnie mouse inspired nail design and I kept forgetting to try it. I did mine with pink and black as a different take on it so here it is...

I used Pure Ice nail polish in Gossip and the Sally Hansen nail art pen to do the dots. I've tried doing actual designs such as french manicure and checkers using the pen but my fav thing is dots because it makes it SO easy. I tried to make the dots random but some of them look like I was going for a pattern lol. Ohh and I know I've been on a pink kick lately but I really like how it looks on my nails, not that I don't love all colors though! lol.

Triple Awards

I was completely and totally excited when I found out that I was given this award by JennBee and Emilita. Thank you SO much ladies, it really means a lot. You both totally made my week!!

Here are the rules for the recipients:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Ok so I know this might be lame but I just can't pick 10 and I would feel bad if I left any one's blog out that I really really love. So, if you look to your left at my blog roll and you are listed there consider yourself awarded!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

My nails this week...

I actually painted them a few days ago so that's why they look a little worn. I LOVE the color of this wetnwild polish but the staying power SUX! I mean it's just been 3 days and I already have chipping. I guess that saying holds up "you get what you pay for" and since it was 99cents then...I did the dots of the design with the Sally Hansen nail art pen and the flower is a sticker. I'm still testing out the nail art pen so be on the lookout for the review soon!

Hope you all have an AWESOME weekend!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Neeyuh's Tip//Trick of the week

This one is all about eyebrow plucking.

I know you've probably heard before that it's best to pluck right after a shower because that is when your pores are open but sometimes we don't have time for that or we just want to get to bed and a lot of times it's the last thing you think about right after. So, since I started doing my eyebrows wayyyy back I've done this...

Let the water in your bathroom sink heat up to as hot as it can go meanwhile grabbing a medium to large towel. When the water is to the right temperature pull the stopper and let the sink fill about a quarter of the way up and as soon as it is, shut the water off, bend over the sink and put the towel over your head and the sink. Let the steam build up and just relax for a few minutes, I usually wait about 3 sometimes 5 minutes to really let that steam open up my pores. After that pat your face down and get to plucking!

For me all the hairs even the teeny tiny ones come out easy and the whole area just looks more clean when I do this.

If any of you try this let me know how it works for you!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've got MAD LOVE for...

Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask.

It's sort of a rekindled love because I neglected it for so long while trying other things and now I see why I should have never left it behind. Unlike Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask (which I also used at one point but couldn't stand it's harshness) this stuff is AWESOME!! It leaves my very oily skin soft, glowy and refreshed. At first application is has a slight tingle but once it starts to dry it goes away. It takes about 15 minutes to dry and for me I notice such a difference in my skin after rinsing it's like my weekly skin rejuvenator. Also just in case you were wondering here are some of the benefits on the main ingredients. Avocado is a great antioxidant and can be used to cure skin disorders it also smoothes rashes and rough skin. Oatmeal is a natural skin calmer, great for hydrating, helps with redness, is great as an exfoliator and makes skin glow. I would totally recommend this for you oily skinned ladies (like me) that need a skin pick me up.

If you have any questions about this that I might have left out, just let me know!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tag: What I'm using right now

*First I want to say...THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! To all the ladies that commented on my last post about my hair. I really appreciate all of your input it really helped me to make up my mind!*

**Also, sorry for not posting these last couple days, I've been catching up on sleep and getting some stuff done I've been putting off but I have lots of posts coming soon!!**

Thank you to Trisha for Tagging mee!

Shampoo: Sally's Hydration and Herbal Essences Long term relationship

Condtioner: Herbal Essences Long term relationship

Styling products: Bed Head After Party, Pantene Shine and Define Pomade and Aussie Aussome Volume Hair Spray.

Shower Gel: Bath and Body Works in Plumeria.

Body moisturizer: Drenched in Pink in Fruity and Bright

Deodorant: Secret Flawless in Protective Powder

Fake Tan: None, I'm naturally tan! lol

Cleanser: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

Eye makeup remover: Neutrogena Oil Free

Exfoliator: Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminator

Primer: MAC Prep+Prime Face

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder

Foundation brush: A no name italian badger buffer brush

Concealer: None at the moment

Powder: Same as Foundation

Blusher: J.Lynne's Bolero

Bronzer: Savvy Illuminating Powder in Warm Bronze

Highlighter: MAC Pigment in Provence

Eyeshadow base: UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Layin Low

Eyeshadows: MAC Ricepaper and MAC Texture

Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil

Eyelash curler: MAC (it sux though, I need a new one!)

Eyelash base: None

Mascara: Rimmel Sexy Curves

Lipstick: None right now

Lipgloss: NYX Megashine in Beige

Nail Colour: Icing in Cosmo Cutie

I Tag...



Makeup Mama

Tina Marie

Kimberly Tia








Tammy M


I know that's alot! lol But if anyone else wants to do it let me know cuz I would LOVE to read your lists!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So, I'm thinking...

about getting bangs and a little cut to my hair to give it some kind of style. I've been growing out my hair for so long that it's just so blah now. It doesn't do much of anything so I just wear it down and pin the side. No matter how much I try to style it, it just doesn't stay. I really like these...

I really really likey the second girl's cut because I don't want to lose much if any of my length and the shorter layers on the top would help out with volume since my hair likes to stay flat.

I especially LOVE how Kelly O's bangs look with that hat since I'm totally into hats right now. Also may I add that her pink lips are hot! I still need to find me a good hot pink that goes with me. Anywayz...

This is the best pic I have of all my hair down, when my bangs aren't pinned to the side they come to a little past my chin. The front goes to about the middle of my chest and the back is a few inches past the middle of my back.

(sorry i look all bootie in this pic, it was after a longggg day)

So, what cha think?? help a girl out!! lol. =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Natural and Easy V-day Look

I wanted to do something a little different than I usually do and something that was more naturally pretty for a valentines day look so here it is...

Cam-whoring it up! lol

(Excuse the hair, it wouldn't do ANYTHING so I had to settle for it all back)

Products Used to get this look:


MAC Paint Pot in Layin' Low

MAC Eyeshadow in Claire De Lune

MAC Eyeshadow in Brown Script

MAC Eyeshadow in Ricepaper

Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense

Wet n Wild Kohl Eyeliner in White

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

MAC prep+prime Face

MAC Studio Fix

J.Lynne Cosmetics Mineral Blush in Bolero

Savvy Lumizer in Warm Bronze

Softlips in Raspberry

NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Beige

This could also work with a soft red lip which I was going to try but forgot to.

Hope you likey!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Review: Savvy Super Juices Flavored Sheer Lip Shine

Happy Monday all you sexy thangs out there!!

What it Claims: Savvy Super Juicies Sheer Flavored Lip Shine Glazes lips with a hint of color and leaves a dewy glistening sheen. Infused with Hydraplex to moisturize and condition.

-Non-sticky formula
-Choose from juicy flavors for mouth watering taste
-Slant tip applicator helps gloss glide on without messy fingers
-Glazes lips with a hint of color and leaves a dewy glistening sheen
-Infused with Hydraplex to moisturize and condition
-Makes lips sheer, shiny and sweet

Ingredients: DIISOSTEARYL MALATE ,CETEARYL ETHYLHEXANOATE ,HYDROGENATED POLYISOBUTENE ,DIOLEYL TOCOPHERYL METHYLSILANOL; ,OLEYL ALCOHOL ,PROPYLPARABEN ,POLYBUTENE ,TRIISOCETYL CITRATE ,POLYBUTENE ,Octyldodecanol; Red 7 Lake; ,Disteardimonium Hectorite; ,Propylene Carbonate; Propylparaben ,Octyldodecanol; Red 6 Lake; ,Disteardimonium Hectorite; ,Propylene Carbonate; Propylparaben ,Octyldodecanol; Blue 1 Lake; ,Disteardimonium Hectorite; ,Propylene Carbonate; Propylparaben ,FLAVOR ,SACCHARIN

Price: $3.99, $3.49 w/ Sally's Card

Where you can buy it: Only at Sally's beauty supply

Colors/Flavors Available: Guava, Watermelon, Pear and Pink lemonade

My Rating: 2 Peace Signs

Would I Purchase Again?? No

The Good: If you put on a good chap stick before applying this then you might like how it feels on as far as consistency goes. I have the Juicy Watermelon flavor and it only slightly smells like watermelon but doesn't taste like it. Not that I ate it or anything. lol. The Color isn't overpowering it does live up to it's "sheer" description. The slant tip is a plus for applying, it comes out easy and distributes well. As far as moisturizing goes it did do a good amount. If you like lots of shine, this it definitely for you!

The Bad: It says it's a non sticky formula but for me it's really sticky, especially if you put it straight on your lips without any type of base such as chap stick. It also felt heavy on my lips. The Color isn't build able, sheer it is and if you keep applying more you'll just find it's getting way too thick and nothing more.

Overall: Not really my kind of lippie, I like something less thick and sticky. Everyone likes different things when it comes to lip products but this just wasn't for me. You can't love everything right?!

*Just MY opinion of this product, you never know YOU could love it!*

If you have any questions about something I might have left out, just let me know!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mini Nail Haul...

I was talking to Van the other morning on Twitter about the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens and how I couldn't find them here...well I went to Kmart today and there was the display almost completely empty with just one black and one gold pen left. So I hurried and grabbed it! lol. There wasn't any other great sales so this was all I picked up...

I can't wait to use it! I'm for sure gonna try to a design for my next NOTW. I also got a wet n wild nail polish in Dream Poppy #429D. It's a really pretty coral-y pink. So yeah...

I hope you all had an awesome weekend. I didn't do much because it was raining all day both Saturday and Sunday so I just wanted to stay in and get some cleaning and other stuff done. I've been cleaning out my closet trying to get rid of lots of stuff and thinking about selling some of it. Maybe on Craigslist but I'm not sure yet.

Also, I've been like realllly self conscious about my makeup lately it's like I'll like how it comes out at first then once I take pics of it, it never looks the same or looks bad on camera. I think I need to try and do more look in the day time. Usually I do them in the evening when I have more time and then I have to search for good light. I know I shouldn't doubt myself but it's all I do lately. Maybe it's just cuz I've been feeling kind of blahhh lately too. But yeah...sorry for the mini vent session! lol.

Friday, February 6, 2009

They come in 7's-Nails

So here's another list of 7. This time it will be my favorite nail polishes as of right now. Here they are...

1. Icing Nail Polish in Cosmo Cutie. This is my favorite deep/hot pink, I put it that way because depending on the lighting this color looks different. Either way though, I LOVE it! The best part about this polish? It dries SO fast and for me that is a HUGE plus.

2. China Glaze Polish in Coconut Kiss. If you know me, you'll know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE purple. This particular shade is the perfect purple with a nice shine.

3. Pure Ice in Gossip. A very pretty light creamy pink. My bestie Rachel was the one who first told me about these and I'm glad she did! Their cheap and have a huge selection of colors. The formula is great not too thick or thin and dries to a nice shiny finish.

4. Icing Polish in Lucky 7. I adore bright colors especially on nails so this one of my top picks for that. It does take a few coats to build up to the desired color but since the formula is pretty thin and dries fast it doesn't end up being thick and yucky like some polishes get after a certain number of coats.

5. Pure Ice in Black Rage. I think black nails are really pretty and this is my go to for that. Just like the pink I love the consistency and formula. These polishes also last a pretty long time without chipping.

6. Elf polish in Light Red. This is like the perfect classic red, very pin-upish. I love a nice red nail so this color is perfect.

7. Sally Hansen Nail Protex vitamin-fortified strengthener. I first started to use this after taking a break from acrylics but I liked it so much I've been using it for years. It's both my base and top coat. The color looks blue in the bottle but goes on clear. Really good stuff!

I know I've blogged about most of these before but since I was doing these lists I kept the descriptions short. I might also do a nail care list as well.

Do any of you use these polishes? Do you love as much as I do??

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

V-day look #2 & Nails of the week

Sorry for the lack of post-age these last few days but here's another Valentine's day look, this one is my fav it's a different take on the traditional colors. Hope you like it!!

Products used to get this look:


MAC paint pot in Girl Friendly (only on lid)

MAC paint pot in Layin' Low (below brow)

Pink side of Loreal HIP bright eyeshadow duo in Adventurous (all over lid and slightly above crease)

MAC eyeshadow in Beauty Sleep (over pink to soften)

Paint Cosmetics mineral shadow in Love Stone (lower lash line)

MAC eyeshadow in Texture (above the pinks in crease and above)

MAC eyeshadow in Ricepaper (highliight)

Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

MAC Technakohl eyeliner in Graphblack

MAC eye shadow in Carbon (to set eyeliner)

So, here's how my nails are lookin this week. I didn't see all the little goof ups until after I took the pic and my cam died so I couldn't do it over. But yeah...I LOVE bright colored nails!