Thursday, June 16, 2011

NOTW and new nail polish storage


I've been trying to paint my nails every week or so because I just can't wait any longer to use all the new nabi polishes I got!

Polishes used:

Nabi polish in Summer Purple and Seche Vite fast dry top coat

A few weeks ago I went to Target and decided to pick up this large snapware container to house all my nail polish.

I love that it has two containers that are very wide and spacious. I don't have enough to fill a whole one but everytime I look at it, I want to buy more to take up the space lol.

What do you store your nail polish in?


Kassandra said...

haha I just got this same storage thing from Target the other night! I got them lime green one! I love it, I got 136 polishes, 2 bottles of remover and some misc nail stuff in there. I posted a collection video on my blog and showed it all in there! said...

that nailpolish is so pretty :)
visit me sometimes <3

Anonymous said...

omg i luv ur purple nail polish <3 i LOVE purple! ;D