Saturday, July 19, 2008

My favorite nail polish.

Brand: Pure ICE
Where you can find them: Walmart
Price: $1.94
These colors are: Black rage and Gossip!

I haven't seen them anywhere else so I'm not sure if anyone else carries them. For being a "cheaper" brand I LOVE them. They come in a good selection of colors, they are thick but not so thick that it cakes on, the formula is smooth and the colors are very vibrant. They also don't chip or crack easy, I went a little over a week before I seen any so that is a major plus. I've tried both high and low end nail polishes and these are definately one of my top favs and for the price it's great. So if you're a nail polish lover like me, give these a try and if you do let me know what you think! Here's my nails...

The main color is black rage and the polka dots are gossip!

Just thought I would share...Take care everyone!



Vanessa <3 said...

love the dots!

Sara said...

how cute are the lil dots!

I'm linkin ya doll if you don't mind?