Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hair Products

So I thought I would share with everyone my fav hair products and what I use them for. I don't have a fav shampoo/conditioner at the moment since I'm still on look for one so this is just styling products.

L-R: Big Sexy hair spray &play, Beyond the Zone Split end mender leave in cond., Bed Head After Party, Big sexy hair blow dry volumizing gel, VO5 Heat Tamer spray.

Bottom:Salon Grafix freezing hair spray in mega hold and Pantene texture and shine defining pomade.

Ok so I'll go in order of the picture. The big sexy hair spray and play, I usually only use it when I wear my hair all down (which is somewhat rare) and want it to be big and look volumized. It works really well for my hair I can just tease it, spray that on and in seconds it's dry and stays perfect, I love it!!

Beyond the Zone Split end mender leave in cond. I heard about this from pursebuzz awhile back and decided to try it. I blow dry and straighten my hair almost everyday and before I used this I never realized how dry my hair was getting. I apply this when my hair is still damp and only to my ends, if I do whole head it makes my hair get greasy really fast. That would be my only con with this one, other than that it really has helped my hair stay smooth.

Bed Head After Party. Let me just say...I LOVE THIS STUFF! I use it after styling to get rid of those stubborn fly aways and it gives my hair a really soft yet volumized look to it. I have a problem with certain products making my hair look and feel greasy, but this doesn't do any of that and that is a major plus for me. It also smells amazing.

Big sexy hair blow dry volumizing gel. This stuff really does give my hair volume not a ton but it does. A little goes a long way so I just use about a dime size and run it mostly through the hair on the crown of my head. I blow dry with a huge round brush to really make it big, not huge though.

VO5 heat tamer spray. I spray this on before I blow dry just as extra protection from all the heat I'm gonna expose my hair to. This is another thing that has really helped from drying my hair out, I recommend if you use heat stylers frequently.

Salon Grafix freezing hair spray. I like to use this when I do my "pouf" it has great hold and doesn't leave my hair flaky at all. For a "cheaper" brand I really like it, this is of course the travel size so I could try it out, but I will definately be getting the large size.

Pantene texture and shine defining pomade. This is also a product I use for my "pouf" it helps keep it together and tame the flyaways I always seem to get when doing that hairstyle. I haven't had much luck with pantene products but this one I always go back to. It has the right consistency for what I need it for. Not too sticky and not to thick, just right.

Ok so that's my fav hair products, might seem like a lot but I don't use them all at one time I switch off.

If anyone would like a proper review of any of these products, just let me know!

Neeyuh =]


Sara said...

Thanks for the reviews! I'm always looking for new hair products, GOOD ones at that!

As far as the NYX lipglosses go, def. go get Smokey Look! YOu can wear it with EVERY color, its so pretty!

Keep in touch doll*


Tracy said...

thanks for sharing! i've been meaning to post about the hair products i use, and i still haven't gotten around to it! hehe.

Lani said...

girl i use the VO5 heat spray too and i <3 it! ;) oh and i added you to my google reader. ;)

Aya said...

Thanks for the review! The Split End Mender sounds great, Imma have to look for that online! I just started flat-ironing my hair and I've noticed my hair looks dull and...crispy. Hopefull the product will work for me too!

christy. said...

the pink bed head after party or w/e is the best! makes my hair soooo smooth and smells good too :D