Friday, July 25, 2008

America's best dance crew.

Ok so I never really do random posts about just stuff I like so I thought I would talk about ABDC. Do any of you watch it? Who's your fave crew? Last night's show totally shocked me cuz I thought Supreme Soul would stay until the end. I loved their party like a rockstar performance. I can't decide who's my fave I'm leaning mostly towards SoReal cru. But I do have to admit this season has NOTHING on last season, I was torn between Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern cuz they were both so good and this season none of the crews really wow me like before, even though I can't help but watch every week lol. Here's some vids for your viewing pleasure...haha.

Supreme Soul.

SoReal Cru.(tried to find a shorter one, but couldn't)

Ok that's all for now.Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Neeyuh =]


Lani said...

i totally feel the exact same way. this season's crews are pretty good but nothing at all compared to the first season.

Anonymous said...

im so in love with jabba! they came to my city and i went to go see them but it kinda sucked cuz it was outdoors and i couldnt really see above the tall people!