Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Suggestions? Requests??

I'm still working on doing some FOTD's and such but I haven't done one before and I'm still messing with my camera to get the settings and all right so in the mean time I wanted to know if anyone has any requests on something I should post on or maybe a review of a product. Just let me know!!

Thanx again for reading!



Precious said...

Maybe you could do some looks with NYX pearl manias. I bought most of them but i don't know where to start!!

Thanks so much!

christy. said...

hmm.... do a natural look, clubbing look, spring look ..... LOL. :)

L said...

wuddup girl! funny that you were in SD... i just left there! ;) but you should def. do reviews! it's a good way to build up your arsenal and add your personal experience with the makeup you use. don't forget to mention what type of skin you have and any tricks you use! xoxo ~L

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Do an FOTD using some of the hauls you posted about. :) It's a great way to showcase brands or products that you're recommending, plus readers will know whether or not they'll want to but it by seeing you wearing the product. :D