Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Edit:Online Shopping,Today's haul and Swatches!

Edit: Thanx to Christiana for the suggestion to put swatches! I also added a pic of the MAC pigment samples open. So here they are...

So I've been online shopping like crazy the past few days and my first 2 of 5 packages came in today!! Here's my first one from body needs, they sell MAC pigment samples for only $1.59 each! It came so fast and they even gave me a free sample of Copper Sparkle pigment. I will definately be buying from them again. You can find them here:http://www.thebodyneeds.com/

L-R:Copper Sparkle, Electric Coral, Tan and Chocolate Brown.

L-R: Copper Sparkle, Chocolate Brown, Tan and Electric Coral.

I've been dying to try the NYX mega shine lip glosses and I've read so many blogs that rave about them so I gave in. I ordered them off CherryCulture which is another site I read about on blogs because they sell almost all of NYX wayy cheaper then in stores. So here it is...

Top: My cute little free lip gloss they give w/every order.
L-R: Barbie Pink, Orange Soda, Beige and Perfect.

L-R: Barbie Pink, Beige, Orange Soda and Perfect.

Then I've been wanting to check out our new pro store here in Vegas at Town Square and I also had to do my B2M. So here's my little haul:

Wipes, Studio Fix powder in NC42 and my B2M eyeshadows Print and Embark.

Well that's all for now! Thanx 4 reading!!



Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Nice hauls! :) Since you asked for some suggestions, I think you could do swatches of the hauls you get. I find that lots of people like that and find it helpful when they're thinking of ordering a certain product. :D

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

p.s. I'm thinking about ordering from that site, but was wondering if you could take a picture of the pigments with the jars open. I'm curious how filled the jars are. :) Thanks and thanks for sharing the site. :D

If I do choose to buy them, they'll be my FIRST MAC products ever owned. LOL. :P

Shen said...

oohhh.. i'll get some of this (mac pigment samples)in june when class starts here.. :) thanks for sharing! :)

love the hauls, hope to see them on you soon! :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

thank you for the pictures of the jars and the swatches! :) i simply LOVE Electric Coral. *drools*

christy. said...

Omg Electric Coral looks hot!

erica said...

Hmmm, just wondering, lol 'cuz I want to buy some from them but still not sure yet lol. Do you feel any differences from the MAC samples from the Body Needs compared to the actual ones from the MAC store? I just wanted to make sure and feel safe when I order from them, lol. =] Thanks for introducing this site btw lol