Thursday, May 8, 2008

Makeup Collection, Mini Haul and More about mee.

Ok so I decided to start this blog because I constantly read everyone else's out there and I definately have my favs! So I wanted to share everything that I love about makeup and what goes along with it.

I started to use makeup freshman year of high school but it was just mascara and lipgloss and I didn't go on to MAC until senior year and I've been hooked ever since! I'm totally addicted to watching tutorials on youtube because I LOVE learning new things. I would like to eventually go to school and do what I love. So yeah....On to my makeup organization/collection.

This is where I keep my makeup. I got the idea from pursebuzz and I just found it at costco finally.

Here's my Enkore sephora inspired brush holders. I found the cute little containers at walmart, their soo adorable!

This is one of the drawers that has my lip stuff, paint pots, face powders, bronzers, etc.

This is another drawer with all my single eyeshadows, eyeshadow palette's and pigments.

Lastly this is my first mini haul I'm posting. I stopped at Ulta and this is what I picked up.

If you want more details on anything or reviews of the stuff from my haul, let me know.

Thanx 4 reading!

<3 Neeyuh


christy. said...

You have wayyy more stuff than me girl. Welcome to blogger hehe. Hopefully we can be great friends! :)


Tracy said...

hello. =) found your blog thru christiana's. i really like your storage system. i need one! hehe. where'd you get it? and what is it called?

Shen said...

the storage are similar to those used at the salon! what a great idea. :) how do you keep the dust from settling? :)

Lani said...

omg i am in love with your makeup drawer/organizer! love it! ;)