Saturday, May 17, 2008

Electric Cosmetics Haul and more...

My last package from my online shopping spree came in today. It was from Electric Cosmetics which I found out about from Christiana @ Memoirs of a Shopping Addict

I LOVE how pigmented they are! I just got samples this time so here's what I picked up...
L-R:Smokey Pearl,Brownie,Love Stone,Verdigris Glow,XOXO and Allure.

Here are the swatches...
L-R:Smokey Pearl,Brownie,Verdigris Glow,Allure,Love Stone and XOXO.

Christiana also told us that Electric Cosmetics has a referral program where if you fill out their form AFTER you make a purchase I can recieve a $10.00 gift certificate and You will recieve $3.00 off you're NEXT purchase. If you decided to purchase anything from them I would REALLY appreciate if you filled out the form. Only if you want to though. Here's my info...Name: Niya De La Cruz and Thank you in advance if you do!!

I have a question for anyone that uses/used Pure luxe eye colors. Do you have a hard time getting them to show up like do you have to pack it on for the true color to really show?? I tried using them yesterday and I really had to use alot for it to really come up, I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

Well that's all for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Pretty colors huh!? :) Great swatches too! :)

Hmmm... I haven't tried the Pure Luxe pigments YET, LOL, but have you tried foiling them? :)

I foil all of my pigments because it just makes them so much more vibrant. Also a good base helps with foiling. If you have dry lids, I'd suggest a creamy base so that the pigments stick. If you have oily lids like me, I find that UDPP and L'Oreal HiP's paints are an awesome base!

L said...

miss neeyah - i know i am late as all hell but i wanted to say WELCOME. i've seen ya on my list a couple of times and i wanted to also thank u for visiting. you found a good group of women here. very helpful and inspiring! :) so again, welcome to this lovely addiction! xoxo ~L

ps. i miss san diego too!

Tracy said...

i ordered a bunch of samples from pure luxe, and have used a couple of them. i noticed that they're not so great when you apply them dry. since they're a bit powdery in consistency, it doesn't adhere to the lid as well, but they're great when foiled. try it that way and/or use a primer/base, and see if it works better.