Sunday, March 15, 2009

Update Blog Sale/Swap

I was thinking since I still have lots left on my sale that if anyone wants to swap for anything that would be cool too.

To check out what I have click HERE

I would like to swap for:
Nail Polish
Nail Stickers
Nail Art Polishes (ex:art deco)
False Lashes
Or just ask me I'm open to suggestions!! you never know I could like what you got! lol


Anonymous said...

hey girl! i'd love to swap for your Tendertone & Lust lipglass - let me know what exactly you're looking for & we can work something out! :)

Rai said...

I could get you some LA Colors Art Deco!

I've been wanting to try the MAC paint or the Brazen HIP Duo?

Rai said...

Opps! I e-mailed you. :]

Anonymous said...

I didnt even see those other items u have up! Did u update ur list that i didnt know about? hehe

I wanted to ask, how do u sanitize ur l/s?

Im doing a blog sale now too and not sure how everybody else sanitizes their l/s.

Please do share!

Thanks =)))

Anonymous said...

Thank u for sharing! The only method i knew of was the spraying with alcohol and wiping with tissue but thats not a very good method. lol.

I have spatulas, just need some disposable lip brushes. I'll look up that video on yt!

Anonymous said...

I know, I tried to find the video but couldnt find it either! perhaps they pulled it down or something.

What type of disposable lipbrush do u use? There are 2 kinds that i know of..the hard bristle type, and the soft spongy-type wand thats in most of our lipgloss tubes.

Makeup Mama said...

Hey girl, you got an award waiting for you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

the whole nail thing is getting big on the blogs. lol im starting to paint my nails much more often now. good luck on the sale/swap

Miss Yaya said...

i'd swap ya polishes (any faves/colors/etc.?) for the MAC lipstick and/or the shadows...