Saturday, March 21, 2009

NOTW, Mini Haul, Surprise and More!

Sorry about the lack of longer posts lately but here's one to catch up a little...

First here's my nails this week, I was going to do some kind of design but after trying a few things and it not working out I just plain painted them. I used L.A.
Girl in Twinkling.

Then I went to Sally's looking for a few things and they didn't have any of it so this is all I picked up...

I've really been into blushes lately, it seems to be what I'm always wanting to buy and these are actually really good for the price!

Also, I was given the opportunity to try out these nail polishes from Sally's and the three below are from the Spring Fantasies Collection that is available now until the end of April so if you like any of these colors definitely check them out!!

Here's some swatches so you get a better idea of what they look like. The formula of these polishes is slightly watery but doesn't streak and goes on evenly, they also dry really fast too!

Last but definitely NOT least. I got this package in the mail last week from the oh so lovely and super sweet Linea. Take a look at what she sent me!!!

Can you believe it?!!! My first red cherry lashes AND The Hello Kitty Popster TLC!!! Ahhh!! We had been talking about it back and forth on Twitter and both wanted to get it but every time I went to a MAC store here they were sold out and it was always sold out on the website so one day she writes me and says that she got it for me and it was on it's way!!! OMG!! I told her she didn't have to but she insisted and Linea you best believe I'm gonna have a surprise coming your way!! hehe. Thank you again!!

Also, I've mentioned before that I wanted to go back to school but couldn't decide what programs to take and all that. So a couple weeks ago I sent off for a packet from MUD or Make-up Designory in Burbank and it really sounds like a great school. I'm planning on taking the full makeup course that includes beauty, character, special effects, studio hairstyling and portfolio development. The program is about 6 months long and I'll have to do housing since I live here in Vegas. That's the part I'm waiting on right now is whether or not I'll be able to afford it and what exactly they offer. But once I hear back I should be starting in June. I really can't wait. I'm kinda sad because it will be the first time I'll be away from my family especially my mom and it's gonna be weird but I gotta grow up sometime! lol Once I hear back from them though I'll definitely keep you all updated.

OK I guess that's it. Have a great weekend everyone!!


LipStick Staiin said...

i love those nail polish colors!! i swear u make me wanna go paint my nails right now! haha but im very clumzy.. sucks.. nice haulsssssss! u should be receiving my package soon.. its not much! dont needa post it.. id prob be embrassed hHahhaa j/k anyways i have a new post check it out neeyuh!

oh btw that is soo sweet of linea to send you those.. first cherrries? i thought u would have soo much by now! hehe xoxo


Rai said...

That's like my favorite color by L.A. Girls! It's soooo pretty!
And I like those 3 pink nail polishes you picked up at Sallys.

OMG! That's so nice of her to do so. It's good to see people do random acts of kindness these days.

Good luck with the school thing!

xoannie said...

Those nail polish colors are lovely and that's so nice of her to send you the lip conditioner! That must've put a big smile on your face.

Good luck with school! I hope you do well, keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

pretty nail colors!! that was really nice of ur friend to send u a love pack!! yay!! ur first red cherry!!! woo!! i love those suckers!! so cheap and lots to choose from!!

You should go back to school!! when i read Burbank, i totally thought of Burbank in Los Angeles!!

Anastacia said...

Love all this nail polishes! Super gorgeous!

Sofee said...


Tammy said...

These polish colors are so pretty!!
Yay for Popster!!

Face Graffiti said...

hey niya =) it's A.B. lol jus wondering. where can I find l.a. girl nail polish? I really like that color. and those pinks shades are from sallys? no way! im gonna head there lol

abby said...

love the nails. i havent been a nail person so im barely getting into the scene. but love those colors

M said...

those polishes are so cute!

i need to find me some red cherry lashes