Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Mini haul, Swapping and a Love pack!

I know I'm a day late but I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Here's another mini haul from yesterday, I'm such a sucker for makeup removing wipes every time I read or watch a review I want to try another one so I picked up the Target brand wipes that are comparable to Ponds. I also FINALLY got Lash Stiletto! After putting it off every time I seen it I bought it, what convinced me was all the great reviews going around right now...so yeah.

I've been swapping like crazy lately! I decided a little while back to swap for some of the stuff from my sale and I'm so glad I got lots of responses. I got 1 of these Saturday and the other 2 yesterday! The one on the bottom is a Love pack from Jes! Isn't getting packages the best?!

This is what I got from my Swap with the oh so Lovely Lyn. I asked for 5 pigments and she sent me 7! I also got my first Ly-na Cream, I can't wait to use it! She also included some awesome extras! Thank you so much Lyn!!

This is what I got from the Miss Yaya. She sent me 2 L.A. Girl Polishes as well as a Paint and Peel Polish. Aren't the colors so pretty! The extras are awesome too, look at the yummy chocolate and clif bar!! I love the dkny delicous they smell so yummy I have lots and don't mind more and sharing some too! hehe. Thank you Yaya!!

This one is my Love pack from Jes, she sent everyone that entered her contest a little something. I love everything! Aren't those lashes awesome?! I can't wait to use the brush it's my first Mark brush. Thank you so much for everything Jes, you are soooo sweet!!

So, that's pretty much all for now. I'm way behind on my FOTD's. I also have 2 looks to do for requests. So be on the lookout for those!


Anonymous said...

What a fun post! I love those wipes to have on hand for times when I'm lazy and just want to wipe off my face and get going with stuff around the house when I get home.

Vee said...

I see.. a blender brush! Can you do a mini reviews of it?

Aw I know how it feels when you get packages. I always feel excited~ Don't you feel it's like xmas again? haha.

I heard that Costco's makeup wipes were good! Ya know, the Kirkland brand? Apparently there's like 150 wipes for 10 bucks.
For some reason I never feel satisfied with wipes. I have to wash my face with a makeup remover, then I feel safe. Clean freak :p
I used to be worse. I'd use cold cream, makeup remover cleanser then toner. 3x the power XD

Yes, I think I can find many interesting people thru blogging :) Maybe I'll met another person like me one day...

Have fun :D

M said...

you got a bunch of goodies!

Linda said...

Yay for swaps! I'm waiting on 2 international packages now.

LipStick Staiin said...

okiee im glad you liked it!! hehee u know my ghetto ass.. just tryna throw in wutever i can afford haha and yes i do have messy writing =X its soo ugly.. xoxo



yikes so many things!! love them all!

Rai said...

You got tons!! I'll be glad when my package makes it to you. :]

Tammy said...

Swaps are the best!! I love getting mail!!

Makeup Mama said...

how fun, I LOVE packages in the mail! they totally make my week.

and thanks for the get well and congrats on the auntie thing! oh and I've got a thing for blushes, too, it's bad.

Gel-Nails said...

Good advice in your blog. Thanks a lot.