Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look who got her first shisems and eyeko!


I got both these packages last week when I was sick and they both put a little more sunshine in my days since I felt so horrible.

This one is from Tammy I emailed her asking if she was going to be selling shisem's again since I missed out on her sale and she very sweetly offered to get me some! I only asked for 2 and she included an extra as well as a lippie isn't she awesome?!!

I know I said Thank you alot but here it is again!! =)

Then...I was sad because I didn't email Van in time to buy the eyeko tinted moisturizer and out of nowhere she told me that she got me one and it was on it's way!! She also asked me if I wanted anything else from her sale and I was going to buy some MAC pigments and she sent me those as well as some other goodies. Look at that candle, isn't it the cutest?!

Thank you so much Van and Linea!!! =)

I still have tons of items left in my sale, to check it out click HERE


Cupcake said...

Lucky Girl! I've been wanting to try those lashes for ages because of xxpinkxx. Cant wait to see them on u!

Rai said...

Don't you just love getting packages.
Love the stuff.

Tammy said...

You're welcome. =)

PaperedLove said...

Packages are soo fun! They always make my day and ooohhhh I missed out on her Eyeko Tinted cream too! I wanted it too, but oh well! Shishem lashes are AMAZING.

Anonymous said...


lucky w/the shisem lashes!! i can only get my hands on Darkness, but not shisem =( that's y i try not to use my only 3 shisem lashes from pink!

anywhoo...great stuff hun

Lyn said...

aww how nice of them to send you those!

Mona said...

they're so awesome! some fab goods you got there!

Julienne said...

Wow, lots of goods! I wonder if I can find shisem's in my local area. I see them pop up on so many blogs!

And I've love to hear what you think about the tinted eyeko cream~~ :D I have the original one, and am thinking if I should try the other. :0)