Friday, February 6, 2009

They come in 7's-Nails

So here's another list of 7. This time it will be my favorite nail polishes as of right now. Here they are...

1. Icing Nail Polish in Cosmo Cutie. This is my favorite deep/hot pink, I put it that way because depending on the lighting this color looks different. Either way though, I LOVE it! The best part about this polish? It dries SO fast and for me that is a HUGE plus.

2. China Glaze Polish in Coconut Kiss. If you know me, you'll know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE purple. This particular shade is the perfect purple with a nice shine.

3. Pure Ice in Gossip. A very pretty light creamy pink. My bestie Rachel was the one who first told me about these and I'm glad she did! Their cheap and have a huge selection of colors. The formula is great not too thick or thin and dries to a nice shiny finish.

4. Icing Polish in Lucky 7. I adore bright colors especially on nails so this one of my top picks for that. It does take a few coats to build up to the desired color but since the formula is pretty thin and dries fast it doesn't end up being thick and yucky like some polishes get after a certain number of coats.

5. Pure Ice in Black Rage. I think black nails are really pretty and this is my go to for that. Just like the pink I love the consistency and formula. These polishes also last a pretty long time without chipping.

6. Elf polish in Light Red. This is like the perfect classic red, very pin-upish. I love a nice red nail so this color is perfect.

7. Sally Hansen Nail Protex vitamin-fortified strengthener. I first started to use this after taking a break from acrylics but I liked it so much I've been using it for years. It's both my base and top coat. The color looks blue in the bottle but goes on clear. Really good stuff!

I know I've blogged about most of these before but since I was doing these lists I kept the descriptions short. I might also do a nail care list as well.

Do any of you use these polishes? Do you love as much as I do??


Rai said...

I've used Pure Ice a few times.
I love their colors. I don't have any now though.

Vanessa M. said...

I love cocnut kiss too!!!

Sofee said...

I just bought the e.l.f light red but I havent used it yet...

Tina Marie Online said...

I have 3 Pure Ice polishes. I can't remember the colors but I like them (:

Julienne said...

I was looking at that light red ELF nail polish the other day, lol! I didn't know if it would be another waste of a buck since I have so many reds~~ But one more can't hurt, right? :]

Kimberly Tia said...

o m g

that shepherd's pie came out sooo good - i could eat it for days.... *sigh*

polish heaven!!!!!!!!!!
i love it!!