Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

What it Claims: -Unique pen and fast-drying formula allows anyone to "Design & Go!" Create nail designs over any nail color.

-Fine-tip pen makes it easy to control and draw precise lines for a French Manicure.

-Mistake-proof formula can be removed or corrected with a moist cotton swab without damaging dry nail polish.

-Water-based formula is environmentally friendly.

-Great for French Pedicure tips too!

Colors Available: White, Black, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Blue, Red, Silver and Gold.

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Price: $7.99 but it also depends on where you buy it from because a lot of retailers have been putting these on sale.

Where you can buy it: Walgreens, Kmart. Pretty much just be on lookout for them since their so new they'll most likely be popping up all over soon.

My Rating: 4 peace signs

Tip for Use: Make sure that you shake it up for a good 20-30 seconds, this will make it more workable and help with the consistency of the formula. Believe me if you don't shake it up good enough you will have a big mess on your hands, literally! You also have to let it completely and totally dry you can't guess with this because if you put a topcoat over it too soon there goes your design all streaky and messed up. I like to wait at least 10 sometimes 15 minutes, that is a really long time but I made the mistake of thinking it was dry before that time and my whole nail was filled with black streaks, not cute! I don't feel you have to push down the tip before every use as the package sort of leads you to believe but you have to be the judge, just take a look at the point and if it looks dry then you can push it down to moisten it more but if not then just shake it up and go! Also, never never test this on a bare nail you must have either a top coat or a nail color on or it will stain.

The Good: The fine tip really make it easy to do all kinds of designs, my personal favorite is polka dots, you can do them fast and always precise. Lines are easy too but you have to have a steady hand, it's just like drawing but instead of it being a flat surface it's rounded so you have to adjust to that. French manicures are extremely easy to do as well as checker patterns, the formula also lets you build on the lines if you need them to be thicker without streaks or empty spots. Pretty much any small design you can draw you can do with this pen but keep in mind if it's something that needs filling in such as a heart you will need to make sure you shake it before filling in so that it doesn't leave streaks. This pen is extremely convenient, fits well into your hand, isn't too bulky or heavy so it makes the "designing" easy. Since the formula is water based if you make a mistake all you have to do is take a slightly dampened cotton pad and wipe the design right off without messing up your actual nail color. How awesome is that?!

The Bad: The price is the biggest con for me, I mean $7.99 for .067 fl. oz! That's totally ridiculous BUT if you get it on sale such as a BOGO free then it's not so bad. If you have short nails like I do then have to really be careful if you're doing french manicure because if it hits your skin it is a biatch to get off, you have to try and hurry to the sink before it dries if you even have a chance to get it off quick. It stains your skin and doesn't budge without some serious scrubbing.

Overall: No matter the cons I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE these. For someone like me who really doesn't have much patience when it comes to nail designs (I mean like nail stickers were my bf's! lol) this pen makes it so easy to do cute designs and fast. I just really wish they were cheaper because I would so have them in every color. I'm also kind of worried how long that small amount is really going to last but so far after a couple weeks of use and testing it shows no signs of being done. But if the price doesn't bother you and you want to do some madd cute and easy designs then I would totally recommend getting these!

*Just MY opinion of this product*

If you ladies have any questions about this on anything I might have left out, just let mee know!!


Rai said...

I really, really want to get one.
My sister bought one, might just
borrow her's. lol

I'm not a fan of the price either. =/


hey girl!

i really don't do my nails but this would be great for a gift or something. yeah the price is pretty steep so BOGO is the way to go. i love your page background.

Sofee said...

nice review :D

vietxpinay. said...

i was thinking about gettting theseeeeee!!!!!! i couldnt find 'em though, but then again, i didn't really look hard enough, lmao. but i think i might stick to my nail art nailpolishes...& $8?! ehhhh that's a lil much for some nail pens haha.

Posey said...

I really want to get these but i had no idea of the price!!!! that is wicked expensive! maybe if i see a sale!

Thanks for the in-depth review! It was wonderful!

Trisha said...

That is quite expensive, but I might have to pick one up because your nails always look cute!

Askmewhats said...

this look like a wonderful product, I wonder why down here in our country, we don't have cool nail art products like these!

Ahleessa said...

Thanks for the review... hehe~ :) I'll find out what I think in a week.

A. Rose said...

Just stopping by. I've been meaning to try these but was put off by the price. I'll be sure to grab some when they're on sale. Thanks for the great review!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just droppin in to let you know the package just arrived today. THANK YOU! I really adore the little flower! i asssume thats for my hair right? LOL I love it! Thanks for the extra lip balm too! You are very kind! =))))))

abby =) said...

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kendy said...

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♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Thanks for the review. I was curious about these design pens. I bought a Nicole nail polish pen and I HATED IT!!!! So I was wary about these. I really want a white one so I can draw some white tips on my short stubby fingers.

Jessica said...

do u have any pictures of your designs? :) thanks i love your blog!!!

Septembre said...

I bought and used the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen and ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. You can get much better results free-handing your designs with a fine paint brush, a Sharpie or a cheap marker. The ink (because it's not a nail polish pen but a marker) splatters, is watery, lines created are inconsistent because of the wonky flow of the ink. Not worth the almost $10 I paid for it.