Thursday, February 19, 2009

Neeyuh's Tip//Trick of the week

This one is all about eyebrow plucking.

I know you've probably heard before that it's best to pluck right after a shower because that is when your pores are open but sometimes we don't have time for that or we just want to get to bed and a lot of times it's the last thing you think about right after. So, since I started doing my eyebrows wayyyy back I've done this...

Let the water in your bathroom sink heat up to as hot as it can go meanwhile grabbing a medium to large towel. When the water is to the right temperature pull the stopper and let the sink fill about a quarter of the way up and as soon as it is, shut the water off, bend over the sink and put the towel over your head and the sink. Let the steam build up and just relax for a few minutes, I usually wait about 3 sometimes 5 minutes to really let that steam open up my pores. After that pat your face down and get to plucking!

For me all the hairs even the teeny tiny ones come out easy and the whole area just looks more clean when I do this.

If any of you try this let me know how it works for you!


Rai said...

I try to pluck after the shower/bath.

If not then I'll wash my face and pluck.
It really does make the hairs come out easier.

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

It does get softer and easier I just forget. lol! I hate plucking my brows. I've been using a tiny razor so I don't have to feel pain. hahaha

Julienne said...

Hm, I feel silly because I never knew this. Lol! Thanks for the tip Niya :D