Monday, February 9, 2009

Review: Savvy Super Juices Flavored Sheer Lip Shine

Happy Monday all you sexy thangs out there!!

What it Claims: Savvy Super Juicies Sheer Flavored Lip Shine Glazes lips with a hint of color and leaves a dewy glistening sheen. Infused with Hydraplex to moisturize and condition.

-Non-sticky formula
-Choose from juicy flavors for mouth watering taste
-Slant tip applicator helps gloss glide on without messy fingers
-Glazes lips with a hint of color and leaves a dewy glistening sheen
-Infused with Hydraplex to moisturize and condition
-Makes lips sheer, shiny and sweet

Ingredients: DIISOSTEARYL MALATE ,CETEARYL ETHYLHEXANOATE ,HYDROGENATED POLYISOBUTENE ,DIOLEYL TOCOPHERYL METHYLSILANOL; ,OLEYL ALCOHOL ,PROPYLPARABEN ,POLYBUTENE ,TRIISOCETYL CITRATE ,POLYBUTENE ,Octyldodecanol; Red 7 Lake; ,Disteardimonium Hectorite; ,Propylene Carbonate; Propylparaben ,Octyldodecanol; Red 6 Lake; ,Disteardimonium Hectorite; ,Propylene Carbonate; Propylparaben ,Octyldodecanol; Blue 1 Lake; ,Disteardimonium Hectorite; ,Propylene Carbonate; Propylparaben ,FLAVOR ,SACCHARIN

Price: $3.99, $3.49 w/ Sally's Card

Where you can buy it: Only at Sally's beauty supply

Colors/Flavors Available: Guava, Watermelon, Pear and Pink lemonade

My Rating: 2 Peace Signs

Would I Purchase Again?? No

The Good: If you put on a good chap stick before applying this then you might like how it feels on as far as consistency goes. I have the Juicy Watermelon flavor and it only slightly smells like watermelon but doesn't taste like it. Not that I ate it or anything. lol. The Color isn't overpowering it does live up to it's "sheer" description. The slant tip is a plus for applying, it comes out easy and distributes well. As far as moisturizing goes it did do a good amount. If you like lots of shine, this it definitely for you!

The Bad: It says it's a non sticky formula but for me it's really sticky, especially if you put it straight on your lips without any type of base such as chap stick. It also felt heavy on my lips. The Color isn't build able, sheer it is and if you keep applying more you'll just find it's getting way too thick and nothing more.

Overall: Not really my kind of lippie, I like something less thick and sticky. Everyone likes different things when it comes to lip products but this just wasn't for me. You can't love everything right?!

*Just MY opinion of this product, you never know YOU could love it!*

If you have any questions about something I might have left out, just let me know!!

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Makeup Mama said...

hi, thanks for the review! as for the revlon matte lippies, I can see why there are mixed reviews, it can apply chalky and forget about it if you have dry lips. but adding gloss on top helps.