Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Review and FOTD:Sallys quad in Miss Behaving

I wanted to go a little bit more into what I last posted about school,it's not college college I'll be going to it'll either be cosmo school or culinary school as well as taking business classes. I've always had a hard time deciding what to do so that's why I've been taking tours and just weighing all my options as far as each school goes. I have A LOT of thinking to do and hopefully I'll make the right decision and be happy with it.

Last month I posted about winning one of Makeup Masala's giveaways for the sally's quads so I finally got around to doing a look with one of them and I also wanted to review them for you all. So, here it goes...

What's says about them: The mini pressed powder eye shadow quads provide blend able color with unlimited options. These shimmery little eye shadows are perfect for on the go color or a great addition to your cosmetic collection. Easily create any look by blending, mixing and matching. Select the color palette that matches your mood or your shoes and get started!


Color combos: Sugar Daddy, Gumdrop, Envy, Moolah, Power Trip and Miss Behaving.

Price: $.99 or $.89 w/ sally's club card.

Where you can buy them: Any sally's beauty supply store or

My Rating: 5 peace signs

The Good: I was very very surprised how good the quality of these eye shadows are, they are really pigmented, go on smooth and are super easy to blend. I also love that they're small and compact so you can take them along and not feel like your bringing your whole makeup stash, also ideal for traveling. On the days where your pressed for time these definitely come in handy since all the colors are there in one place and easy to pair together for a great look. In the description it says these are shimmery shadows, but I don't find them overly shimmery at least not the two I have which are Miss Behaving and Envy.

The Bad: It takes a couple swipes your first use to kind of "break" the layer so the pigmentation it at it's fullest but that's it you never have to overly swipe from then on. The shadows also look chalky once you start to use it but they aren't (at least mine aren't) Other than that I see nothing else wrong with these cute little shadows!

Overall: I'm totally loving these right now, they are so convenient, extremely cheap and so cute! I'm already planning on getting the rest of the quad's.

*Just MY opinion of this product*

OK and on to the FOTD...

Just the eyes...

Whole face, sorry it's all bright but it was the only good one! lol

Products used:

MK signature primer
Quad in Miss Behaving (refer to picture on left)
1-inner third of lid
2-above crease,outer v and under lower lash line
4-outer third of lid
L'oreal carbon black lineur intense
Maybelline colossal mascara
UD 24/7 glide on eye pencil
Rimmel primer
Mac studio fix powder
C.O bigelow mentha lip in Coral mint
NYX mega shine lip gloss in Beige


Jessica Dee said...

super pretty.

Alyssa said...

It looks great on you! :)

cta808 said...

thats great that u guys have that there i think i'd mostly luv the food lol :)

im thinking of ways to save my $$ lol shoot im dieing looking at all the dam stuff from pursebuzz's sight augghh i so DONT KNOW how the heck imm save for macs collections i just dont lol

and u should try sum pigment samples those are a fun way to see if you like them try checking
so far that is the cheepest sight i have ordered from that has mac pigments/glitters and the shipping for me was really fast :)

and yes i will be doing sum looks with the glitters ive been meaning to get to it just havent been in the mood to post and video myself lmao since i do tutorials on youtube also.... k well hope u have a good week take care <3chanel

Tammy M said...

Love the look!!!
Let us know what you decide with school! I thought about cosmo school too, but I doubt I could and work full time too! Besides, gotta make that mortgage payment!

Vanessa M. said...

ive never even seen these! lol but 99 cents?! no way! i want one!

Neeyuh said...

Jessica Dee and Alyssa-Thank you!! =D

Tammy M-Thank you! I will for sure let you all know what I decide. The cosmo school schedule is pretty time consuming so it would be hard working full time as well.

Vanessa-I hadn't seen them either until I read Toma's post about them. Yeah 99 cents and even cheaper if you get a sally's card.