Friday, October 10, 2008

Are you doing anything this weekend??

I'm going to the Islands of the Pacific Festival here in Vegas and I can't wait to go! My cousin dances Hula/Tahitian with one of the well known halau's here and I always love to see her perform. These festival's are always fun, there's always good people and good food! haha. Here's a little flyer about the event...

Hopefully there will be some good stuff to buy, I can't get enough of my hawaiian stuff! I'll try and get some good pics to share with you all.

Also here's a vid of my cousin dancing at last year's Tahiti Fete, she's on the right and switches to the left about half way through. =)

Hope you ladies have a awesome weekend!

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Vanessa M. said...

how cool!! i want hawaiian stuff!