Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I got a package!!

I ordered from Vanessa's (vansmakeupride) makeup garage sale and I recieved it yesterday, I just wanted to share what I got as well as the extra's she included, she's totally awesome!!

The cutest little bag ever!
Pigment samples!! I got deep brown, pink bronze, rose gold, deep purple, copper and she also included Restless by H.I.P.
AHH! I can't wait to use this!!
Archetype samples!

I'm soooooooo glad I ordered and can't wait to use all the stuff I got.
Thank you again Vanessa!!


Vanessa M. said...

yay!!! im glad you like everything you got!! and the other goodies ;)
cant wait to them on you! thanx again!!

jeSmakeup said...

awesome! u should do some swatches =) i like the BLUEEEEEEEEEEE

Jessica Dee said...

oohhh that stuff looks awesome!!!

Nanzy said...

awesome..copper and datura looks nice! I have some Archetype's pigments and they're very sparkly ^_^