Monday, October 20, 2008

I need your help, please!

Ok so I've been wanting a mineralize skinfinish from MAC forever and with the 2 that came out with Sheer Minerals it makes me want one even more, BUT I have no clue which color to get...There's like 2 I think may look right but then I don't want it to make me look like I have fake tanner on my face! lol So here's a pic of the ones I'm thinking about and I would appreciate any help, advice or opinions! Oh and btw I'm a NC42.

OR would it be better to get a MSF natural, I know I've seen a couple girls that are the same number as me and use this color...

But I'm thinking with that one it might be close to the color of my actual foundation so it wouldn't be worth it to use.

Thank you in advance if you help!


jeSmakeup said...

i wish i can help.. But u dont kno how horrible i am wit this... and since im still a noob n all... i suck at this shit! hahaha i still havent found my EDM shade.. bOoo!!

Tammy M said...

Well, I went on Saturday to get Petticoat and it was WAY too light for me and I am a NC 35-40!
So I got So Ceylon and LOVE it! I use it under my blush and it looks GORG!
Gold Depost was good if you want it as a highlight, but it reminds me of Belightful from Fafi which I already have.
I hope this helps, this is my first MSF ever!

Neeyuh said...

jeSmakeup-It's ok, thank you for replying though! I suck at it too I went for a long time using the wrong shade until I finally started using MAC and they help you match. Well I don't think your a noob cuz it's hard finding the right shade especially with face products!

Tammy M- I had a feeling Petticoat was light. Hmmm I was leaning towards So Ceylon too and from the swatches I've seen of Gold Deposit it does look great for a highlight and I never did get around to getting Belightful so now I may be torn! lol. Yes you definitely helped, thank you sooo much!! =)

Vanessa M. said...


RessaMakeup said...

Hey girl! Im a first timer on your blog. Love it. I am NC42 to as well and I picked up So Ceylon and Soft and Gentle. So Ceylon is a great bronze color with pink undertones. Its pretty amazing for our skin it isn't really sharp color but it is great to highlight and emphasize. I think its great. The MUA kept saying Petticoat was a must have but im not into alot of pinks on my cheeks. I have MSF natural in dark I use it for a finishing powder after my studio fix fluid. I think it's a staple. Wow, thats lots of info. take care.