Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Review: Ped Egg

I got a request from someone anonymous to do a review on the Ped Egg and I figured it would be a good thing to share anyway so here it is...

Make sure to hold it just like this when using on your feet.
Where you can find it: Most drugstores, Walmart and Target.
It retails for: $9.99
Advertised as: PedEgg™ gently removes callouses and dead skin to give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel that everybody loves.
5/5 peace signs.

I LOVE this thing! I mean even if your feet aren't that bad it will take things off you didn't know you had. You have to make sure you hold it vertical and move it up and down to take the access skin off if you do it any other direction it won't work right, you also have to keep it upright because if not the "contents" will fall out and get everywhere. That is one con about it but other than that it's great! Just a couple swipes to your heels or sides of feet and they are really smooth. After you're done the plate with the blade just pops off and you empty it out. I also suggest rinsing it after every use. Then just snap it all back together and store it until next use. I would definately suggest it for at home pedicures for you ladies who don't have the extra cash to go to the nail salon, Like me! It's totally worth the $10!

Hope you all liked this review there really wasn't much else to say about it.
Neeyuh =]


christy. said...

nice! only ten bucks? pretty cool.

Tracy said...

I was thinking about getting one. Have you seen their TV commercials? I think they're so hilarious, especially when they show someone emptying it out with all the shavings. Haha, sick!

Vanessa <3 said...

omg this looks scary though is it possible to cut yourself? i have a lacross thingie that looks like a nail file but for your heels lol but this looks liek it would work way better

gio said...

I've heard so many good things about the ped egg, I really need to try it!

Anonymous said...

I've done a review on this, too! I love my ped egg. Did you know they came out with a men's version? I bought one yesterday for my boyfriend.. haha

Neeyuh said...

Gio-Yes you must try it! =)