Saturday, August 2, 2008


So I thought I would share my fav brushes and just the ones I use the most. Here they are...

Loew-Cornell Maxine Mop Brushes. L-1/2, R-3/8.

I'm sure by now most of you have heard of these. I started to use them after EnKore introduced them and I'm sooooo glad he did! These brushes are great, I used the 1/2 for all over lid color and under waterline. I use the 3/8 for highlighting or lid color when I'm in a hurry and just using one color and nothing else. You can find these brushes at most craft stores, I got mine at Michaels. They retail for about $3-$5.

Ms.Makeup Shader/Blending brush.

I am soooooooo in love with this brush! I use it for highlighting and it's also a great blender, just a few swipes and those harsh lines are gone. I found this one at Ulta awhile back and now they no longer carry them (at my store atleast) which makes me sad cuz I would buy more from this line judgeing by this brush. From what I remember this brush was only $2.00.

MAC 224,217 and 263

These are my only MAC brushes. I use the 224 and 217 for the usual blending, the 217 though has really helped me get a good outer v look which before I had a little trouble with. I use the 263 to apply eyeshadow to my waterline to set my eyeliner.

Deluxe Crease, Round angle blender and Round Crease.

From what I've seen of crown brushes I think these are it, but I bought mine at a county fair from a company called Escondido Cosmetics. The deluxe creaser is great for blending when I don't use the MAC 224. The round angle blender is my fav out of these 3 because it really gives the crease great definition before I had this brush it never looked as good. I have always wanted a round crease brush which is similar to a pencil brush and this one is great it makes it easy to apply shadow under my waterline but I haven't tried it in my crease just yet. These brushes were about $7.00 each.

Mini Bronzer and Mini Kabuki

These are my 2 face brushes I normally use, I switch off. The mini bronzer is also a brush I got from the Escondido cosmetics company. I don't use it for bronzing though I use it to apply my studio fix powder it gives me good coverage and really buffs it in so I don't have any empty spots. The mini kabuki came in a brush set I got at Costco, I use it either for my foundation and sometimes for my blush (when I use it, which is rare). It has a tiny bit of shedding even after washing it several times but all in all it's not a bad brush.

Ok so that's it. If you have any questions about anything I might have left out, please ask!

Have a great weekend everyone! =)


Tracy said...

Great post on your makeup brushes! I have the Maxine's Mops, too, and they're great!

Just a suggestion... Could you please change the color of the font for your posts? The dark purple is a bit hard to see with the black background. Thanks. =)

Vanessa <3 said...

yummy! brushes! you got some good ones