Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Makeup Removal

I have used more makeup removers than I can count and I was soo happy when I finally found the combination I use now. So, here it is...

I use Johnson's Baby oil and MAC wipes.

I'm not sure if using the baby oil is good for your eyes or not, but I did read up about it and nowhere does it say it's bad. I personally think it's the best because it really breaks down all the eye makeup even waterproof mascara and it gets eyeliner off my waterline with just a few swipes, which is really great because before I really had to do a lot to get it off. The only downside may be that you have to wash it off but to me it's not bad for the great job it does removing the makeup. The biggest pro is it's price, I have the 4oz. size and it was only $1.00 so it's way cheaper than the usual makeup removers out there.

I really like the MAC wipes. They get all the face makeup off in just a couple swipes along the face, they do leave a greasy/sticky feeling on your face but other than that they are really great. Not a bargain like the baby oil they go for $25 for a 100 pack.

What do you ladies think about using baby oil as a makeup remover? Have any of you tried it?


Vanessa <3 said...

oh ma gawd! i use baby oil too!! i use wipes on like my face, but sometimes those wipes jsut cant take off mascara! lol i have that bottle but the big-o industrial size one lmao!!

Tracy said...

I never did try out baby oil. What type of oil is in the one you use?

Neeyuh said...

Tracy-Yeah I seen a couple blogs where girls used it so I gave it a try. It's mineral oil.

Vanessa- Yeah the wipes don't do all that great for eye makeup. I'm going to get a huge bottle after my small one is done lol.

ladystarr said...

i used to use baby oil, when I didn't really know much about makeup. It's actually very effective.