Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

I'm 2 days late on this but yeah...I mentioned in a few posts last week that I was going to the Pure Aloha festival over the weekend to see my cousin and her dance group perform. Here's the flyer for the event:

I did take pics but it was so packed I barely had any room to move and the pictures weren't that great so I took some video and thought it would be cool to share that. This one is of my cousin dancing she's on the right in front:

Every time I see her it makes me more and more proud of her. This next vid is of some of the boys dancing it's short cuz I was too busy staring at them to take a longer vid...hahah.

It was SO hot that day it felt like summer. So there's no pics of me cuz let me tell you I was not looking cute lol. I did get a new shirt from my fave company Island Tat and I ate some good food which was a Samoan Sami Musubi and my fave thing to get there, Malasadas. Yum! I had fun though I love going to those festivals it's always good times.

Then on Sunday night I went to a show at my mom's work, the Planet Hollywood Casino to see this:

This is what they describe it as:

PEEPSHOW is the new, sophisticated, ultra-hot show starring pop superstar Mel B (of the world famous Spice Girls) and General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco (Dancing with the Stars champion). PEEPSHOW is a full-throttle production show accompanied by a red-hot live band and 25 sizzling dancers and performers from the worlds of pop music, film, television and Broadway. Created by an award-winning team, PEEPSHOW combines sexy striptease, playful storytelling and celebrity star power.

It was OK, I mean it kind of geared towards men but it has a girl relate-able story line. It's about a girl who is down about not finding a man and the sexy woman shows her how to be confident and sexy and all the things she has to do get a man so in the end she's all those things. The thing I thought that was kinda lame was how each skit was like nursery rhyme, literally but made "sexy". I guess it was just something I can say I seen at least.

We walked around the casino and I acted like a tourist so here's some pics I took:

A look down at the casino from the second floor:

This is above the escalators, it changes colors and was sooo pretty in person:

Two restaurants they have upstairs where the show theater is:

Ohh and just to show myself at least once, here's mee before the show:

So as you can see I had a pretty cool weekend. Other than that I did a little shopping. Now I've had a toothache all day and haven't been feeling so great not like sick or anything just kinda blah so yeah. I have a few things to share and I need to get to some looks I've been putting off. So hopefully I'll post those soon.

Take Care Ladies!!


Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful pictures you took!!! You live in Vegas,do u go out on the strip a lot or is it just normal for u?

I havent been to Vegas in almost a year. I don't drink, gamble, or need any hookers...I just go there and end up eating my way around. lol!!

Glad you had a cool weekend!!!

Melissa said...

aww I would've loved to go the aloha festival! I <3 malasadas!

LipStick Staiin said...

glad you had a nice weekend! cool shows you went to tooo.. hmm wut camera do u use? it takes such good pix! wuts ur secret? lol


Rai said...

I always thought hula dancing was cool! lol My side would probably hurt from all that.

Glad you had fun!! At least you had a better weekend than me.

*Nehs* said...

looks fun! the pictures are great too!

LINEA. said...

looks like a fun weekend! & that looks like fun! great pictures! ahhh everything so bright & pretty! glad you have fun!

KiLLaCaM said...

ahhh! this makes me miss dancing. but after the baby..theres NO WAY that i'm gonna put on my costumes anymore.

i love vegas! your so lucky you live close. i'd probably be a party animal if i was that close!


vegas baby! i love it there. i'm going in july i think. it's in the works. thats cool you live so close to it. great place to party. i love hula dancing. it's so exciting! especially the guys.

Makeup Mama said...

that sounded like it was really fun! the dancing was amazing, always wondered how they did that booty thing and all at the same time!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Those were cool vids!! I was thinking about moving to Vegas for a while but I think the temptation to play 24/7 will suck me in and spit me out and I'll end up on a Bunny Ranch in the middle of the desert.....

Sofee said...

looks like u had an awesome weekend :D

Julienne said...

Wow, the aloha festival looks FUN!! I would love going to that! Ahaha. :0)

& I love all the pictures you took, hehe. You must have had loads of fun!! =)