Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Review: Sephora makeup-removing wipes

What it Claims: Cleanses and removes all types of makeup, even long-wearing makeup,without leaving any oily effect. For face, eyes and lips. Results are clear, fresh and soft skin. Suitable for even the most sensitive eyes, including contact lens wearers. Dermatologically and opthalmologically tested.

How to use: Lift the plastic lid, remove a wipe and apply to face, eyes and lips. No need to rinse. To avoid all risk of drying, immediately close the plastic lid after using wipes.

Price: $10 for 25 wipes

Where you can buy it: Only at Sephora and

My Rating: 4 peace signs

The Good: I love that the wipes are really large and smell good, a sort of fresh scent. Just like they claim there is no oily residue left over. It really gets all the face makeup off. I personally use these before I wash my face to make sure all the makeup gets removed. The package is small and convenient for travel or to just throw in your purse.

The Bad: It says they take off all makeup but for me none of my eye makeup came off at all and I didn't want to have to push really hard or scrub it hard. So these just basically take off face makeup only (foundations, powders, bronzers, etc.). The cost is also a downside for me, $10 for only 25 wipes is kind of not worth it but since I really like them it might not be too bad in the end.

Overall: I really really like these right now. I wish they had a textured wipe, I would like them even more. For the most part I just like the convenience of wipes and for me it's hard to find a wipe that doesn't irritate my skin or leave a oily film and since these do neither of those things it's a big plus. I would recommend these if you like to use wipes to remove your face makeup, but I wouldn't say they are totally essential since they don't remove eye makeup.

*Just MY opinion of this product. *


Vanessa M. said...

hmm that price sux lol i like the everyday minerals for my face, it doesnt take off eye makeup either lol im using the mandom right now or baby oil for eyes...

PiinkCupcakez said...

i think i'll just stick to my baby wipes.. they work good and they're cheap lol

abby =) said...

im trying to find a better makeup remover wipes. i actually have wipes that i buy for $3.00 and they are great in scent and as far as taking off makeup they're not so bad. once i get home i should take a picture do a review on that and maybe you ladies will like that better

Julienne said...

Ooh, I know what you mean about gross wipes that leave your skin oily or red. So gross huh lol! I tried about a bunch of different brands, but I kept ended up going back to the garnier nutritioniste wipes. I can even take off eye mu and mascara with it, woo. =)

This is sort of random, but I was wondering if you use a clarifying shampoo or have any suggestions for good ones? I never used a clarifying one before, but I wonder if it would help using it once in a while, haha. Thanks girliee!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I use Target brand wipes on my face. I love them. They get 90% of my mascara off and all my face makeup. They smell fresh and are textured. I have dry skin and I don't break out at all. I believe you get like 30 or more (sorry I'm away from home and can't look at the package). I think they were like less than $5. I use the wipes to clean my iLash comb too (lol, too lazy to get up & wash it! Oh they are really "wet" too so you get alot out of one wipe.

Tammy said...

Damn that's expensive..If I use a face wipe its the Target or Walmart imitation of Neutrogena wipes..usually $3 for 25. My favorite still is Mandom Cleanser.

RYC--My eyebrows took a lot of patience!! I let them grow in for a LONG time, and I only get them threaded every few months. At home I just pluck the strays. btw--You have me hooked on 2 new people on

Ahleessa said...

Thanks for the review! You always find great products that always work for you... hehe~ :)