Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Neeyuh's hair tip of the week

As a way to step up my posts (which Mona gave me the idea for,thank you sooo much!!) I thought a weekly series of tips and tricks would be a good addition. I'll be doing other tips as well such as makeup, nails, etc. So, here's tip number one...

After a shower do you ever have really tangled hair?? I know with me no matter how good a conditioner I still have tangles galore and can't stand to comb through it and hear the breaks. Well those days are over since I started to use this:

I know what you might be thinking...a hair detangler for babies?? but I kid you not this works wonders. A few sprays through your hair and those tangles are loosened. The spray is light, smells great and doesn't change your hair in any way. No sticky residue feeling or heaviness just soft, detangled and pretty smelling hair. The biggest perk about this...the price. I picked mine up at walmart for about $2.50. It lasts a long time too, I've used mine almost everyday for a month and not even half is gone. You can also use this on dry hair. For me, this is great addition to my hair routine.

Hope my tip helps as least one of you, it makes it worth it!! =)


Rai said...

lol. I used this the other day for my hair.
My niece has a bottle.
She has really tight curls.

It made my hair really soft.

Tammy said...

I use the kids detangler by Suave...lol

Anonymous said...

my mom needs this!! even though this last a long time, it's only $2.50!! it'll def wont hurt to try..thanks for this!!!

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

I have to check it out!

Makeup Mama said...

I have this stuff in every single bathroom for my daughter...it's like she lives in a wind tunnel! And I use it, too, for when I wake up with ceazy cowlick hair. Can't live without it!

LINEA. said...

lol i use the same at Tammy! lol kids stuff works so good though.