Friday, January 30, 2009

Neeyuh's got ALOT on her mind...

Ok so I'm sorry in advance but this isn't going to be makeup/beauty related it's pretty much just gonna be mee venting because I know some of you might understand what I'm going through. I promise later today there will be a regular post, most likely a FOTD/EOTD since it's been a little since I did one...

Well I mentioned this awhile back but it's been on my mind again. School. I for the longest time could never decide what I wanted to do with my life, everyone always told me go to cosmetology school because they said it was just me like no other job suited me but me being the overthinker that I am thought well maybe that's a good idea but maybe I could do something else. Well wayyyy too much time has past and I NEED to make a decision NOW. I'm planning on moving to another state soon (hopefully,maybe) it's all up in the air right now. Doing this blog and thinking back before it I've come to realize that the only thing I'm going to be happy doing is makeup or anything that has to do with beauty. No other job out there is going to make me happy. I've thought about being so many other things and always come back to makeup. My problem is...I'm not sure if I should just take the whole cosmetology course for a year or just do the esthetician program which is 4 months. I might have more options for jobs doing the cosmetology course but then I think gosh that's another year I'll be 24 by the time I graduate and get licensed and I just feel so late like if I knew this was what I wanted to do all along I should have done this years ago. But I let life take over and didn't stop to do what I really wanted. I guess better late then never though.

If you ladies could give me your input about what you think or anything else I would love to hear it. Have any of you done either of these programs, do you think it's worth it? I know here in Vegas they won't take you seriously unless you've gone to school and I do feel there is a lot I still need to learn. I'm just totally at a loss right now.

Ok enough biatching for now...

Ohhh and just for the sake of posting a picture, here's a kinda old pic of me when I went a little crazy with the hair dye,lol.


Makeup Mama said...

Hey neeyuh, what do cosmetology courses where you are entail? hair, makeup, and skin? or just makeup? esthetician courses where I am involve only a bit of makeup, mostly skin though and I think you're very creative and it shouldn't go to waste. cosmetolog might take a year, but you could build a wicked portfolio in that time...and pick up a studont pro card at mac (wink wink)

whatever it is you choose, I think you'll rock it! good luck!

Hairs to Beauty said...

hey girl, decisions decisions.

I'm currently enrolled in Cosmetology part time. SO it will take me a good 2 yrs until I get my licensed, 1 year has passed me already, so I got another year to go, so the time does go by quicklly, I wish I was able to go full time and be done in 10 months, but with how the economy is now and I got madd bills that needs to be paid, part time was the only option for me.
I didnt get started in Cosmetology until I was 27 years old. I went to college to get my BA in Psychology, and honestly that was a waste because when I got out in the career field, they told me I had not enough experience, or I needed at least a Masters, I like man getting a BA doesn't get you much anywhere, and I can't afford to go back to get my Masters right now. I always had a passion for hair and makeup, so I told myself its never too late to get started. I'm the oldest person in my class right now but I am having a blast because I'm finally happy that I'm persuing what I've always wanted.
I rather get paid less doing Cosmetology (which I love) than getting paid more for a job I hate. And trust me the money is out there for us, we just gotta worok hard to go out and follow our dreams. We always get to keep our tip at school so that's extra 100 or so a month for me, which i either use to pay bills or buy makeup ahah since its not calculated into my budget.
I believe if you choose Cosmetology, you will have a wider range of career chooses such as hair, makeup, manicure, pedicures, basic facials. etc.. My dream goal is to travel the world doing what I love and one day becoming a trainer at like one of them shows.
good luck on what you decide!

Vanessa M. said...

hehehe your picture looks crazy! well iw ish i could help, but i dont know much abouthtat.. i bet a liscence would be real good tho!

Tammy said...

I'm sorry I really don't know a lot about going to school for cosmetology, but I do feel like if this is what you want to do then it isn't a waste. 24 isn't old girl!! As long as you have a direction don't worry about how long it takes you!!

I'm in the same boat as Hairs to Beauty..went to the BA in Psych and then I was told I need a MA. I'm working in a field I hate, but it pays the bills. I much rather be working in a career I love and making less money. I will be changing that all this year.

Do what you love!

Anonymous said...

Visit for a list of schools in your area.

There are also great schools just for makeup, such as Westmore Academy Of Cosmetic Arts in Burbank, CA. (

Good Luck!

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

I would do cosmetology, I agree with tammy above. If that is what you want to do it def. is not a waste. I would like to do that but for me, timing isn't right. 24 isn't old, it may feel old but you'll love m/u for the rest of your life!