Saturday, September 20, 2008

More ELF

I've been trying to save my money so my makeup purchases have been few if any but when I seen this deal I couldn't pass it up. I went back to Food 4 Less because Jessica Dee mentioned in a comment that her local Food 4 Less had NYX lipsticks for $.99 so I wanted to see if mine did as well. No luck with that but they were having a 10/$5 sale on the whole ELF line and it was pretty bare so this was what I picked up from it...

Brow gloss & Clear mascara duo, 4 eyeshadow brushes, Definition brush, Crease/blender brush, Defining eye quad in smokey and Nail polishes in Dark red and Berry pink.

Just thought I would share and I just have to say I really LOVE the eyeshadow brushes they come in handy when all your other brushes are dirty, lol.

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Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

omg! i totaly love the e/s brush too!! those are so hard to find at stores though :(