Monday, January 17, 2011

My first haul of 2011

Hey everyone!

So since the start of the month I've done a little bit of shopping here and there so I just wanted to share what I got.

First my bestie found this dollar store not too far from where we live that sells some really cool stuff including  Red Cherry lashes so I've gone there twice already and picked up some Nabi polishes.

L to R:

White, Baby Pink, Pink hot 2, Pretty pink and Hot flower.

At Big Lots I always browse the beauty section so this is what I picked up:

Ms. Makeup eye blending blush (my favorite brush ever I wish they had more!) and Trim neat feet gel toe spacers.

I went into Bath and Body Works to browse while the sale was going on and there really wasn't much left so I only picked up these Vampire Blood pocketbacs which I wanted around Halloween but they were always sold out.

I went into the Icing just to check out the polishes and I have to say that since I first started buying them they have really upgraded! Also my cousin knew I wanted a light pink polish so she picked me up one when she was at Forever 21.

L to R:

Icing polish in Grey Skies and Mint 2 be and Love & Beauty Polish in Light Pink.

Well that's everything! Not too much since I've mostly been buying clothes lately, which I desperately needed!

If you want to see swatches of any of the polishes just let me know!

What have you hauled so far this year?


Miss Tapia said...

Love the nail polishes!

ndoodles said...

Cool nail polishes! I haven't hauled much besides a WnW trio that I really wanted to try!

Rai said...

Love the new polishes!

Jasmin said...

I just did a little Rite Aid and Dollar Tree shopping earlier. Cute polishes! And welcome back!