Sunday, May 23, 2010

Project 10 pan: two month update

Hey everyone!!

I hope you're all having a great weekend!

I had totally forgotten that a few days ago I hit two months of being on project 10 pan. This past month was another busy one for me so I didn't get through what I wanted to but it's okay, I was hoping to be done with everything since my no buy ends on June 1st.

Just to recap, these are the orginal 10 products:

In my first month I finished the Rimmel fix and perfect primer, Loreal collagen mascara, Watermelon lipsmackers, Strawberry Chapstick and Clean&Clear dual action moisturizer.

Now on to the products I finished this month:

-MAC technakohl liner in Graphblack
-C.O. Bigelow Cinnamint lip shine
-Lush Tea tree water toner *not on the list*

So, as you can see I only have three items left to finish plus I'm still finishing other products that I already had. I'll be trying really hard to get through the last three because on June 12th I'm going on vacation and I know I'm going to be buying lots of stuff including makeup.

Have any of you recently started a project 10 pan or no buy?


joy said...

HI Lovely,,

I just nominated you for a sweet blog award!!
Check it out here!!

Arezu said...

I think this post convienced me to start one!

Congrats Niya, you're almost there (:

By the way, I have the same C&O Bigalow mentha lip shine and I use it like almost everyday and it's been a year and it seems like I still have a lot left!

Tammy said... finished stuff quickly!! Whenever I start a 10 pan I give up after 3 months...things take too long to

Shen said...

wow! very aspiring!! :) i'm doing this too but its so hard!! i see a lot of thing at the mall. lol!

Swtest2Lips said...

Awesome that you finished all that stuff. Its so hard for me to actually finish products because I keep on hoarding new items! lol

K said...

Great progress! I've done 2 Project 10 pans (one of them turned into a Project 20 pan) and I know I need to do another one soon!!