Friday, May 14, 2010

My Current Makeup Collection

Hello everyone!!

This post is long long LONG overdue!

This was requested by Rai and Lyn also wanted to see my collection so I finally got around to doing it. Sorry this took me SO long. If you follow me on Twitter that you know I was having probs with the format of my videos and it wouldn't import into windows movie maker, so maybe I'll try it again another time and post a video then. My collection isn't huge but it works for me, plus I'm always giving stuff I don't use to my bestie or cousins lol. 

Now on to the pictures!

This is my little setup/organizer:

My brushes, liners, mascaras and such:

All of my lippies(as you can see it's what I buy most! lol):

MAC Eyeshadows and Pigments:

Foundations, Blushes, Bronzers, Primers and Highlights:

All other eyeshadows and palettes:

Lash Stash:

So, that's pretty much everything besides misc stuff in the other drawers.

 I hope you liked the little peek into my collection!

Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

NICE!! I love the cabinents u have it in!!

Julisa said...

love that drawer cart and
cute mirror

LINEA. said...

Love that drawer! The color are so pretty LOL I like that two Colums rather than my one tall tower!

Sofia said...

cute!! i really love ur setup!!

Janel said...

Nice collection! Everything's so organized :)

- ♥ Janel [blog]

Fifi said...

wow everything is so neat! great post :D

Lyn said...

I love your collection!!! It's not overwhelming! like you have just enough stuff to be happy if that makes sense. Sometimes I feel like my collection is ridiculous and pointless since I don't wear much makeup now.. yet I can't stop hoarding it. lol! How do you like the shisem lashes? I wonder if they have those at my local asian market.. I heard they're really comfy and flexible.

Unknown said...

for some reason im always curious to see what other girls have in their makeup collection. I used to watch a lot of makeup collection videos on youtube lol.

yay for carmex and I like your drawer storage.

Rai said...

Looks so neat, unlike mine! lol

Anonymous said...