Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's talk LUSH!

I wanted to do a post dedicated to Lush well only some skincare items that I LOVE. Each one has made a huge difference in my skin.

I personally only like their skincare items. I'm not much of a bath taking person so that's why I skip their soap, bath bombs and all that.

So, to give some of you a better idea of the products I use here's some descriptions from the lush site and my take on them.

Coalface cleanser: If you love the feeling of squeaky clean skin, this is the bar for you. We put in powdered charcoal because it's such an amazing exfoliator and absorber of excess oils. We add in rosewood and sandalwood as a balance to soothe and calm, and softening licorice root decoction. We recommend this lathering, sparkly cleansing bar for oiler skin because it's so great at absorbing excess oils and leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

My thoughts: I was very leery about this at first because in the past my skin didn't react well to bar soaps so I always stuck to liquid or foam cleansers. I personally cut it into small pieces, wet it, work it into my hands a little bit then rub it all over my face. The feeling and the smell took a little getting used to as well as how my skin felt after cleansing. It has a grainy feeling until you rub it in more and it breaks up. The smell is strong like black licorice but after awhile you don't really notice anymore. The feeling after is that dry almost squeaky feeling but when I dry my face off it doesn't have that tight feeling I expected. I use a toner afterwards and sometimes cleansers can still leave behind dirt that you'll see on the cotton pad but with this there is no dirt at all left on my skin. I also really like how you can get as much or as little as you want if you go to the store. When I purchased mine I went for the recommended size which was 1/4 lb. for $14.00 and in 4 months of night and day use I still haven't gone through half so it's definitely worth the price compared to how often I was buying other cleansers.

Tea Tree Water Toner: Ah the wonders of tea tree – it's mostly known for its cleansing properties, but is also great for soothing troubled skin. We add a bit of juniperberry and grapefruit to the tea tree to refresh and tone your skin. It won't leave your face feeling tight and dry because we don't use any alcohol in our toners; just fine essential oils to soothe and cleanse. Use this throughout the day to help banish your blemishes and lift your spirits!

My thoughts: When I first started to use this I was thinking ok it's not exactly like any other toners so what do I do? With other toners I would swipe it over my face but this didn't work like that because it's more of a refresher spray. I spray it on right before I moisturize and it seems to be doing the trick. Since tea tree is a natural antiseptic, I also use it on days when I'm not wearing make-up to remove any yucky stuff that may be on my skin (this is like in between cleansing times). It has a really fresh smell that I like also.

Grease Lightening: The UK LUSH shop managers and the manufacturing team were challenged to come up with a new product idea. The winning team came up with this super effective tea tree, rosemary and witch hazel gel, a spot cleanser for acne-prone skin. Dab on a tiny bit (with a clean finger) of this wonderful gel and you'll feel it working straight away. Use it on one spot or many and watch them shrivel up and retire. Go Greased Lightning!

My thoughts: This is my favorite of them all! It's suggested to be a spot treatment but can also be used as an all over toner. No joke if you see a blemish coming you put this on after cleansing/toning/moisturizing and the next morning it's GONE or completely dried out. This also helps with little red spots that can show up on certain areas of the face. It's a gel type of consistency and a little goes a long way. It feels a little weird when it dries but it's just doing it's job. I just can't say enough good stuff about this, it is LOVE!

So, those three products are my skin life savers. I did try a few products before or while I was using these that didn't work so well but I'm so glad I have a set routine that's working.

If you have any questions on any of these that I might have left out, just let me know!

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Thanks for your views on these! I'd love to try Coalface & the tea tree toner =)