Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"It was like heaven, right smack in the middle of hell"

If you know where that quote is from, I'll love you forever! lol hahaha (it also gives you a clue about my new "thing" lol and if you know, yes i'm one of them! hahaha)

Anywayz...Sorry I haven't posted in the last couple days, I've been giving my laptop a break and catching up on other things I've been neglecting in the last little while. I've also been catching up with a couple friends that in our busy lives have slightly lost contact with, I never stopped thinking about them though. It feels great, I might already have girls night set up (which I desperately need more than I'm willing to admit! lol) so I can't wait for that. I have pics for upcoming posts uploaded to my computer now, I just need to edit and then they'll be up.

I also (just a like a few other bloggers) decided to not do any haul's for awhile, except for a swap I have coming up so that I can save my money. I'm horrible at saving and I always realize later on that I buy things just because not really thinking about whether or not I really needed it and then when I do need something I'm broke. Something I really need to work on. Since Christmas is creeping up extremely fast I need money for that and my birthday as well (even though I still have no clue what I'm doing). So, since I decided that I realized I needed something else to fill in those spots as far as posts go. I'm going to do a Pua (which is flower in Hawaiian) series of looks inspired by these hair flowers I make. I'm excited about it because I'm going to try and do some new things with my makeup and use colors I usually wouldn't.

I guess that's all for now, Hope you ladies are having a good week so far!


Vanessa M. said...

geez! i feel ya on the spending.. im going to the mall today to return some NARS :(

Tammy said...

Twilight!!!! I'm going to the midnight show tomorrow. I'm such a dork..lol

I've cut on spending SO much..it hurts..lol