Friday, November 14, 2008

EG Minerals Haul

I watched a video by MommaGee a couple weeks ago and she totally sold me on the mineral eye shadows from Earthen Glow minerals. Just like every time I shop online I can never decide what I want so I was looking through their kit category and they have like these bundles that end up to be cheaper in the end rather than buying each mineral shadow separately. The price for a sample jar of each mineral shadow is $1.50 but with the kit each one is $1.25, some might not think that's a lot but savings are savings to me! lol

They came in this cute little bag.

First Row:

Blush in Ofu Beach

Second Row:

Mineral eye shadows in Gilded antique olive, Deep royal purple, Cali and Milan.

Third Row:

10 karat pineapple, Malibu, Electric lights, and Kauai kiwi.

They also included some samples of limited edition shadows in Coney island, Step back and Papaya.

Swatches L-R: Kauai Kiwi, Electric lights, Malibu, 10 karat pineapple, Milan, Cali, Deep royal purple, Gilded antique olive and Ofu beach.

The flash washed them out a little they're really vibrant in person, I can't wait to use them. I got my whole order for $14.50 including shipping.

You can check them out HERE

If anyone has any other questions just let me know!!

Have an awesome weekend ladies!!!


BeautyJunkie said...

They look pretty vibrant! Did you use a base?

Neeyuh said...

beautyjunkie-They are sooo much more vibrant in person, no I didn't use a base for the swatches just swiped them straight on!

Toma said...

I have this company saved in my favorites, but hadn't ordered yet. Looks like I'm going to have to check them out; the colors are beautiful!

LINEA. said...

they are all so pretty!

Tammy said...

I swear MommaGee can sell me way she applies the makeup makes me want it all!! haha!! These colors are gorgeous..tempting!

Nanzy said...

nice choices of color! :)
I love mine too, you shd try their foundation, they're pretty awesome!

M said...

i can't wait to see you do a look with these! I wanted to try out some of the pure luxe stuff but haven't gotten around to ordering anything ;X