Saturday, May 21, 2011

Products I've finished lately


First I wanted to say Thank You to all the new followers I've gotten lately and also to those who have kept reading after all these years. I know I've been really on and off and I'm glad you've all stuck around :)

So, I must say I've been on a roll with finishing up products I've had for awhile. I think it really helps with my spending too because I'll think to myself, "no I don't need this I already have something like it at home!!"

 Kirkland Daily facial cleansing towelettes, Elf makeup remover cleansing cloths (2), Aussie 3 minute miracle deeeep conditioner and Proactiv Oil-free moisture SPF 15 moisturizer.

Sally Hansen hair remover wax strip kit, Bath and Body works Sweet Pea intense moisture body butter, UDPP, Loreal lineur intense carbon black liquid liner and Maybelline define-a-brow in Dark Brown.

I need to repurchase a few of these things soon but others I'll pass on.

What have you finished lately?



Miss Tapia said...

How does the Define-a-brow work? I've never tried it but was wondering if I should try it out.

Dinorah ♥ said...

Hi girl! A lot of awesome products! What did you think of the Hair Remover Wax Strips? Would you reccommend them for eyebrows? I have hecka hairy eyebrows lol & I hateee tweezing almost every day ;( & I still manage to miss some teeny tiny hairs lol. Do you like the UD primer potion? I have it but I honestly see no difference. Am I using it wrong? :s lol