Monday, April 18, 2011

My weekend and latest finished products

Hey everyone!!

First, how do you like the new layout? I also want a new banner but I'm not that great at making them so we'll see I might leave it for now. I felt like my blog needed something new while still having a part of my style but yeah.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I went to Pure Aloha which is a local Hawaiian festival held twice a year here in Vegas. My cousin dances for a group called Rare Artistry that's a hip hop group tied to her hula/Tahitian dance group and they were performing at the festival this weekend.

It was really hot out and all of us got sunburned pretty bad which is odd since I never burn here at home it's always when we go away somewhere. I had a great time though. I filmed video of the whole first part and only took pictures of last part so I just share a few a those.

 My cousin in the last one on the right :)

This is when everyone who performed came up at the end.

Also my bestie/step sister Rachel's due date is tomorrow so the baby may be here very soon! I can't wait! I'll definitely have a post when she arrives!

So, on to the products I've finished over the past couple months. I really don't like for things to go to waste so I try my hardest to finish everything. I also keep the empties so I can review them or remember to repurchase the items I liked.
I just wanted to share those real quick.

1. Nu-pore cucumber makeup remover wipes. I got these at the dollar store and they were actually pretty decent, they took off just about all my makeup with one wipe.

2. Victoria's Secret Garden Love Spell ultra moisturizing body butter. I LOVE these body butters, best I've used so far!

3. Victoria's Secret Garden body spray in Enchanted Apple. I've raved about this scent in the past and it's still my go to fragrance.

4. Lip smackers in Strawberry Kiwi. A must have for me!

5. Mally volumizing mascara. I was given this by my auntie to try and ended up liking it a lot but it doesn't replace my HG mascara.

What product have you finished lately?



clara elena said...

I love the new layout! :-D

Nguyadua said...

I enjoy your product posts like this! It reminds me to use up stuff I have and try not to buy new stuff all the time!
The only item I can recall using up lately is my body wash..haha.

I said this on twitter to u just a few mins ago but best of luck to your bestie!! Congrats to your fam too on the new addition thats on the way!

PS: Pic#1 - hello there boys. haha