Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Faves

It's that time again, for monthly faves!

I don't have too many since I've been trying to use things up.

1. Victoria Secret Pink with a splash in Pretty&Pure. This is the fragrance I've been reaching for a lot it's a nice light scent, I don't like anything too overpowering.

2. Victoria Secret Garden body butter in Love Spell. These body butters are the BEST I've ever tried, I swear when I put it on after my shower at night the next evening my skin still feels so moisturized. Nothing I've used has ever lasted that long on me and in this cold weather I need all the moisture I can get!

3. Nabi nail polish in Hot Flower. I LOVE this red polish! You can check out my previous post for a swatch. :)

4. Gold Bond Ultimate healing skin therapy cream. When it's cold my hands take a beating and get so dry, I apply this and it instantly puts the moisture back in my hands and makes them feel normal again.

5. Sally Girl bronzing powder in Sin-amon. I've been using this lately as a blush because it has a slight pink to it and it gives a really pretty glow as well.

6. Rosebud Strawberry lip balm. I've had this for awhile and just started using it again, it's really moisturizing and lasts a lot longer than most lip balms. I also like that it gives a small hint of pink to your lips.

7. Sheer Cover Duo concealer in Medium/Tan. I've never been much of a concealer user but lately I've been breaking out a lot and get scars so I use this to cover them up. I love how light it is so it doesn't cake up and I can mix the colors to get the perfect match.

So, that's everything! If you would like a review on any of these products just let me know!

What was something you were loving in January?


ndoodles said...

Ooh I saw that SallyGirl's bronzer and thought about getting it! It's so inexpensive too!

Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. And I love it. I'm subscribing!! Can't wait to see more posts from you. Great job :)