Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Christmas/Birthday Wish list

Hello beautiful ladies!!

I finally got all my Christmas shopping done over the weekend and man am I glad that's done! It's like you think you know what to get everyone until you actually go out and look for it so I'm happy that pressure is off lol.

So, I've seen posts and videos going around about wish lists and I really wanted to do one too, plus while I was out shopping I seen so many things I wanted but had to resist! Since Christmas and my birthday are only two days apart I figured I would combine the two lists. These are just a few things I've been eyeing for quite awhile and they aren't all makeup or beauty related but I still wanted to share! Here we go...

UDPP Professional Size.

DKNY Be Delicious perfume.

OCC Lip tars.

Sigma professional brush kit.

Vampire Diaries season 1 on DVD.

Betseyville by Betsey Johnson Cheetah handbag.

Ray-Ban Original Wayferer sunglasses.

Vans Tea Party Authentics.

All seasons of Degrassi on DVD.

Kardashian Konfidential.

Forever 21 gift card.

MAC gift card.

That's everything!

What's something on your wish list?


Jessica Dee said...

great wishlist ;)

G A B Y said...

The DKNY perfume looks lovely! And that MAC gift card is quite a great idea, I didn't even think about it LOL!

Tamara said...

Ohh.. great wish lish you have there! ^^

Skin MD said...

Ray-Ban Original Wayferer sunglasses looks amazing! I want them too...

How about your skin? Do you want something special for your skin?

Skin MD said...

I love Ray-Ban Original Wayferer sunglasses. They are definitely on my wish list!)))

How about your skin? Did you find anything that you would like?

NotNicky said...

I've seen the lip tars and they're beautiful! I also love the bag!