Monday, March 22, 2010

Review: Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara

Hey everyone!

This review was requested by Miss Tapia, sorry for the delay! Gaby also asked about this mascara so I hope this helps! :)

What it claims: Skinny to fat in 10 seconds flat: Lashes pumped to max volume.

-Our biggest brush ever featuring Perfect-Fit technology: flexible hollow fibre bristles to fit to each lash perfectly for maximum volume

-Exclusive lash expand formula dries fast for mess-free, clump-free application

-Enriched with collagen to fatten and Keratin to strengthen lashes

-14x volume

-Ophthalmologically tested

-Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes

Colors available: Black and Extreme Black

Price: $5.99-$7.99

Where you can buy it: Target, Ulta, Walmart, Drugstores and anywhere else Rimmel products are sold

My Rating: 5 Peace Signs

Before I get into detail on my thoughts here are some pictures on how it looks on my lashes:

Bare lashes curled-

One coat-
Two coats-
The brush up close-

The Good: As you can see from the pictures it makes quite a difference in my lashes both in volume and length, which this mascara doesn't claim but actually does. The formula is really great to do both of those in one! I like that it dries fast but not too fast. I love big brushes which for some can be not such a great thing but for me it's perfect. It gets the very inner and outer lashes very well, also because of it's size you get done much faster since it covers a good portion of the lashes at one time. I also get very little to barely any clumping.

The Bad: I wouldn't say it volumizes 14x but do we ever take that claim seriously?! lol. It goes on slightly thick so if you like to add more than two coats then it definitely will start getting clumpy. There is a small amount of flaking after maybe 5-6 hours of wear.

Overall: I really like it! Rimmel mascaras have yet to fail me so this is another one I'm impressed with. Plus it's affordable so it's definitely worth a try!

If you have any questions on something I might have left out please feel free to ask me!

*Just my opinon/experience with this product. It may or may not work the same for you, you never know!*


Gaby said...

Thanks for this review! It was on sale at my local Jean Coutu, now I know I can safely give it a try ^^

Jasmin said...

Awesome post! Thanks, for sharing. I want to try it now.

Sofia said...

cool review..I bought this mascara and since i bought it its been my go-to mascara...I love it :D

JL ♪ GiLiNG said...

great review! I've been wanting to try this mascara, but last time I went to target they were out *boo*. Hopefully next time I go they'll be in stock :)

Neeyuh said...

Gaby-Welcome! Glad it helped! :)

Jasmin-Thank you! No prob, I hope you like it!

Sofia-Thank you! Mine too, I've totally abandoned my other mascaras lol.

Giling-Thank you! Big boo! lol. I hope they do and that you like it.

Rai said...

This mascara looks nice!

Andrie said...

It looks good. Maybe I buy it :)