Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NOTW and tips for cuticles

Hey Everyone!!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for Christmas! I spent almost the whole weekend shopping with my fam finishing up our gift shopping. It was crazy busy everywhere and I'm so glad it's done! But anyways, I just wanted to share my nails for the week. I couldn't decide on a color so I just went with black, I might change it soon though.

I used L.A. Colors base coat, Pure Ice in Black Rage and L.A. Girl Diamond Strength top coat.

Now let's talk a little about cuticles...first here's what I use to care for them:

I think it's really important to take care of your cuticles because they prevent those little hangnails that form in the sides of your nails. If you've gotten one before then you know they can be painful especially removing them. Before I actually paint my nails I take some cuticle oil on a q-tip and apply it to each cuticle then massage it in for a few seconds. Then I take the metal cuticle pusher shown above and very gently push my cuticles back, I think this way is better than cutting them off you do have to do it often but I don't really mind. I also prefer the metal pusher to orange sticks just because it's reusable just sanitize and it's ready to go. During the week I always use cuticle cream (Thank you Linea!) just take a little bit and apply it, it keeps them soft. That's pretty much all I do. It just takes a few extra minutes and it's totally worth it!

How do you care for your cuticles? I would love to hear your tips!


Tamara said...

Before I do my manicure I use almond oil and apply it on my cuticles... Then I use an orange stick and push the cuticle away from the nail.
After that I clean my nails, but during the every day regime I use hand cream almost every hour (I am obsessed), and here and there I use pure vaseline on my cuticles. That keeps them soft!

Yoetke said...

ah, thanks for reminding me I need to do my nails! epecially since it's christmas, too! (though yours are soo pretty right now, never been a fan of the claw look.)

have you tried the nail matrix by beauty secrets from sally beauty? it's supposed to be a cuticle oil & quick dry coat. so far so good!

Jasmin said...

Cute! Love dark color nails.. I don't know y.. HAHA. I used to love bright colors, but I guess the seasons changes w/it.. Ahhh.. I tend to forget about my cuticles.. Hopefully, I remember the next time..

Kate Gene said...

Black polish is always a safe bet! :)

I have used Solar Oil on my cuticles in the past, but usually the only attention they ever get is when I'm painting my nails and pushing them back. My poor cuticles! LOL!

Rai said...

Thanks for the tips!

Love that black! I need a new black polish.

Lyn said...

I should pay more attention to my cuticles. They are always dry.. I usually paint my nails and go. I've been trying to be good about the burts bees cuticle wax but I keep forgetting. I love the lemon smell of it.