Saturday, December 6, 2008

Products I won't purchase again

I seen some video's on YouTube doing this so I thought it would be a good post on here. So, let's get started...

1. MAC Strobe Cream.

I wanted to try that Dewy look and I had read if you have oily skin just use a good primer first and this should stay all day. Well, it didn't. My skin looks soooooo horrible with this on, the combo of shiny and sparkly is not cute on me! lol. Luckily I got this in a kit at CCO so it's just a small one. But yeah, definitely didn't work for me.

2. Revlon Cream blush

I wanted to test out cream blush to see how I would like it, but this wasn't the product I should have chose. The formula was pretty thick and didn't blend well, it took forever just to get it to look right and then after maybe an hour it started separating on my cheek and turned a weird color and made my skin extra oily in those spots. It was weird.

3. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Bronzer

It got this mostly for the convenience of the brush and bronzer in one, but the brush wasn't soft and kind of scratchy. The bronzer was a little too dark and extremely shimmery.

4. NYX Diamond Sparkle lipgloss

Ok so I LOVE NYX! I'm not sure if it was just the one that I bought but I really don't like these. The formula is sticky and grainy and leaves that white film on my lips. I'll be sticking with the Megashine's from now on.

5. Mary Kay Signature Eyeliner
I was trying to find a new eyeliner for my waterline before I found my HG and this one totally failed. It went on smooth and easy but after about a half hour it was already starting to come off in the corners and then after a few hours it was running all down under my eyes, I almost literally looked like a raccoon! lol.

So, there's my list. If any of you ladies would like to do this I would love to see your lists as well, it's a big help especially when their things I was considering buying.

*Just MY opinion and experience with these products, You never know YOU could love them!*


M said...

great idea to do this on blog format, its quicker to type!

I always see the strobe cream and clueless as to its purpose haha. what is it suppose to do?

so-FEE_ah said...

good post thanx...I think i might do one too..

Vanessa M. said...

awesome! thanx for this! these always help!

Tammy said...

Ugh I hate #3 too..The blush just hurts and the product is awful!! I'm going to be doing one of these posts soon..