Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I just wanted to wish all you beautiful ladies a Merry Christmas! I hope you all get what you wanted and have an awesome holiday.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Swap with Vans

I swapped my MSF with one of my fav beauty babes Vanessa for MAC pigments so this is what I got...

I got bright fushia,accent red,heritage rouge,dark soul,goldenaire,antique green and sweet siena. She also included some extras, Thank you so much Vans!!! I can't wait to use them! =)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update and Stuff...

I got a few requests to do tutorials on some of my looks so I'm working on that, it's hard! Especially since this is my first time doing a tut and I forget to take pics in between steps and all that but it should be good. Also, I got contacted by Sally's to try out some of their products so if you notice lots of reviews for hair stuff that's why. I really didn't wanna put that all out there to sound like I'm bragging but since this is a makeup blog I wanted you all to know why there would be quite a few hair product posts coming up.

It's 10 days from my b-day! I can't believe it, things are still up in the air about what to do. It doesn't matter to me as long as I'm with the ones I love and having fun.

Well I guess that's about on the lookout for my first tutorial post!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

FOTD: Cranberry

Just a simple look for today...

Products Used:
MAC Paint Pot in Layin Low
MAC eyeshadow in Cranberry
MAC Eyeshadow in Ricepaper
Loreal carbon black lineur intense
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
UD 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Zero
MAC prep+prime face w/SPF
MAC studio fix pressed powder
Strawberry Kiwi Lipsmackers
NYX megashine lipgloss in Beige

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I thought the name fit because of the colors...Products Used:


MAC Layin low paint pot

Earthen Glow Mineral Shadow in 10 karat pineapple (inner lid and tear duct)

Earthen Glow Mineral Shadow in Cali (outer lid and above crease)

NYX eyeshadow in Pine nut (over Cali and blended in)

Loreal Carbon black lineur intense

Mayebelline Colossal Mascara

MAC technakohl eyeliner in Graphblack

Review: Beyond the Zone Noodle Head Curling Creme

What it Claims: Creates shapes and defines curls.Adds texture and incredible shine. Does not weight down hair. Tames the frizzies.

    Salon Directions: For REALLY curly hair apply generously and scrunch while drying. Apply to towel dried hair and style as usual.

    Sizes available: 6oz. and 12oz.

    Where you can buy it: Sally's beauty supply or

    Price: 6oz.-$5.49 reg. $4.99 w/sally's card. 12oz.-$7.99 reg. $7.49 w/sally's card.

    My Rating: 4.5 Peace signs

    The Good: This product is geared more towards those with curly hair but it does work if you have other textured hair. I wanted to try this because I wear my hair wavy sometimes and needed something to help the wave stay in longer. This product definitely did that.It's pretty concentrated so a little goes a long way, you need about a dime size for your whole head, unless you have short hair then even less will work. I put it in my towel dried hair and once it dried my hair wasn't sticky or crunchy, which I love. It made my waves look really natural and it smells AMAZING!! Kind of coconutty. It also really tames the flyaways and frizzies that often come with curly/wavy hair.

    The Bad: After about 10 or so hours my scalp got pretty oily so I would suggest if you already have a oily scalp like I do to just stick to using everywhere else on your hair and skipping the crown area where the oil is most prominent.

    Overall: I'm really liking this product, other things that I was using for my waves just made them crunchy or stringy and this makes my waves look like I didn't have to do so much to get them. I'm definitely keeping this in my "wavy" hair routine for a good while.

    If you have any other questions about this product that I might have left out, just let me know!

    *Just MY opinion of this product*

    Friday, December 12, 2008

    EOTD: I got a case of the blues...

    Not really. lol. I figured a EOTD was wayyyy over due and I've been wanting to do something blue so here it is...

    Products Used:

    MAC layin low paint pot
    Loreal HIP cream liner in Midnight blue (all over lid)
    Face front pigment in pow bam wow(over cream liner)
    Maybelline single shadow in electric blue (under waterline)
    MAC Ricepaper(highlight)
    Loreal carbon black lineur intense
    Maybelline Colossal mascara
    MAC technakohl liner in graph black

    I did it kinda fast and it doesn't look as blended as it does in person...but yeah.

    Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Tag: 16 Random facts about mee

    I was tagged by the oh sooo beautiful and talented Ms.Vianca and if you haven't checked her out, go now! hehe. Thanks for the tag girl!! =)

    Edit: I was also tagged by the gorgeous Tammy my fellow Twilight lover! haha =)

    This is how it goes down;once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment ("you’re it") and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you. since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so i can see your weirdness.

    16- I'm the biggest procrastinator ever! I always have been but never noticed until high school when I would get so behind and was trying to figure out why.

    15- I've gone through so many style changes throughout my life that I realized I'll always be a big mix of things.

    14- I don't like pastries. Cake, cupcakes, cookies,pie, doughnuts. I get grossed out by it all and I have no idea why! lol

    13- I'm lactose intolerant but I LOVE strawberry milk. go figure.

    12- I've recently found that I have a huge love for reading.

    11- California burritos from Roberto's are my cure for a hangover. lol.

    10- I went to clubs and bars before 21 (got snuck in) and barely go now. I guess it was more fun then.

    9- I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a photographer.

    8- I eat hot sauce with almost everything, it's like it's not meal without it.

    7- I have to sleep with the fan on, even when it's cold or I won't get a full nights sleep.

    6- No matter where I go there is always someone that asks me if I speak spanish (I don't), it's like I'm a magnet for that or something.

    5- I like to make stuff and decorate things.

    4- I would rather text than talk on the phone.

    3- I'm almost always late. To be early I have to start like hours and hours before I need to be somewhere lol

    2- I'm hella emotional. Like if I watch lovey movies, I will 9 times outta 10 cry. lol

    1- I'm really attracted to guys with english or irish accents. lol. It's just sexy to me. hahah.

    That was soooooooooooooo hard!

    I seen a lot of bloggers do this already, so if you haven't and want to...I tag YOU!

    Monday, December 8, 2008

    Update: MAC MSF in So Ceylon

    **Swapping with one of my fav beauty babes!!**

    Ok so I had been wanting this for so long and then after I finally got it, I realized it's just not for me. I don't really like how it looks on me and I never think to use it. So....I was wondering if anyone wanted to buy it from me (for a lowered price of course) I've only used it 3 times and with a clean brush each time (I'm a brush cleaning freak, lol) you can't even tell I used it and I still have the little plastic cover and box to it. Or we could swap for something, idk what but yeah...So if your interested let me know! =)

    Sunday, December 7, 2008

    Review: Equate Makeup Remover Wipes

    I've been using these for a couple months now and thought I would share what I thought of them with you all...

    What it Claims: Quilted For Deep Cleansing. These Facial Cleansing Towelettes Are The Easiest, Most Effective Way to Get A Complete Skin Care Regimen. Use Daily to Deep Clean Skin and Thoroughly Remove Make-Up, Dirt and Impurities. Your Skin Is Refreshed and Toned (to Minimize Pores), While Also Nourished and Moisturized. No Rinsing Necessary. With Chamomile, Vitamin E & Triple Tea Complex, Fresh Clean Fragrance, Alcohol & Oil Free, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested, Safe For Contact Lens Wearers

    Ingredients: Water, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Cetereth-20, Cetearylalcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Cetyl Palmitate, Ceteareth-12, Propylene Glycol, Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile Matricaria) Flower Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Leaf Extract, Aspalathus Linearis (Red Tea) Leaf Extract, Tocophyeryl (Vitamin E) Acetate, Fragrance, Butylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Disodium Edta, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol.

    Price: $5.99 for container w/60 wipes, $3.99 for 120 ct. refills.

    Where you can buy it: Walmart

    My Rating: 4 Peace signs.

    The Good: These are really great for removing face makeup and most eye makeup. I love that their quilted and very large so you can easily use one for your whole face and you'll be done. They also smell really good and 60 wipes does last a pretty long time. I also really really love the little container that is similar to baby wipe containers and has the slot with the wipe ready to go each time.

    The Bad: It doesn't get off eyeliner on the waterline at all, I tried and really irritated my eyes so I wouldn't suggest trying it yourself.

    Overall: I really like these just wish they got off all my makeup instead of just some. But for the price I would most likely buy them again since no other wipes have impressed me.

    *Just MY opinion of this product*

    I just wanted to say...

    Thank you to the ladies who commented on my last post, I'll probably end up thanking you individually as well but yeah...It makes me feel a lot better that you all understand what I'm going through and I really appreciate your encouraging words. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I may have finally come up with some of the answers I needed. When I make a decision I will definitely fill you all in.


    Saturday, December 6, 2008

    Products I won't purchase again

    I seen some video's on YouTube doing this so I thought it would be a good post on here. So, let's get started...

    1. MAC Strobe Cream.

    I wanted to try that Dewy look and I had read if you have oily skin just use a good primer first and this should stay all day. Well, it didn't. My skin looks soooooo horrible with this on, the combo of shiny and sparkly is not cute on me! lol. Luckily I got this in a kit at CCO so it's just a small one. But yeah, definitely didn't work for me.

    2. Revlon Cream blush

    I wanted to test out cream blush to see how I would like it, but this wasn't the product I should have chose. The formula was pretty thick and didn't blend well, it took forever just to get it to look right and then after maybe an hour it started separating on my cheek and turned a weird color and made my skin extra oily in those spots. It was weird.

    3. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Bronzer

    It got this mostly for the convenience of the brush and bronzer in one, but the brush wasn't soft and kind of scratchy. The bronzer was a little too dark and extremely shimmery.

    4. NYX Diamond Sparkle lipgloss

    Ok so I LOVE NYX! I'm not sure if it was just the one that I bought but I really don't like these. The formula is sticky and grainy and leaves that white film on my lips. I'll be sticking with the Megashine's from now on.

    5. Mary Kay Signature Eyeliner
    I was trying to find a new eyeliner for my waterline before I found my HG and this one totally failed. It went on smooth and easy but after about a half hour it was already starting to come off in the corners and then after a few hours it was running all down under my eyes, I almost literally looked like a raccoon! lol.

    So, there's my list. If any of you ladies would like to do this I would love to see your lists as well, it's a big help especially when their things I was considering buying.

    *Just MY opinion and experience with these products, You never know YOU could love them!*

    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Long time no post...

    I don't have anything to really say about why I've been pretty m.i.a lately, things are just weird and crazy right now and I have so much on my mind that I can't focus on certain things. I also just haven't had the motivation to post as much as I used to. Hopefully I get out of this "funk" I'm in and be back to posting as usual soon.

    I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! Mine was good, just spend it with my mom, auntie and cousin at home and I did most of the cooking for the first time, which I actually really enjoyed. So, it was cool.

    I'm also really torn about school, because it's like when I really sit and think about what I would love to be doing everyday as a career nothing is clear enough. I just have lots to think about I guess.

    Well I just wanted to fill all of you in a little bit.

    I miss you ladies!!

    Take Care! =)