Saturday, August 30, 2008

Review: UD 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Zero

What it claims: A fantasy you can indulge...imagine cushiony, creamy eye pencils that glide on soft, yet deliver powerful, long lasting, waterproof color...the feel, the intensity and the 24/7 wear is pencil paradise found. (a little much but still a good description lol)

Price:$16 unless on sale

Where you can find it:, Ulta, and Sephora. (Only ones I know of atleast)

My Rating: 5 peace signs!

The Good: Everything! I'm sooo in LOVE with this eyeliner. I have the color Zero but I think I might try the other colors as well. I have been hooked on the MAC technakohl for years but this stuff is sooooooooo much better. It really does glide on really nicely, gives me a really intense black line and does not budge AT ALL. I always tend to yawn a lot in the morning and usually with my MAC it will run and start smudging and I'll have to wipe under my eyes and re apply but with this eyeliner I don't have to, it does also claim to be waterproof and as far as I can tell it's doing it's job. The other thing I really love is that I don't have to set it with black eyeshadow like I did before with the technakohl, it doesn't need any other steps for staying power at all. Oh I forgot to mention I'm wearing this on my waterline. I just can't think of more great things to say, it's definately my HG eyeliner.

The Bad: The price is a few dollars more than the MAC technakohl but I definately think it's worth it and if you can catch it on sale like I did with the friends and family sale it's totally worth the try. ( I just regret not buying more before the sale went off!)

Overall: Great product, I wish I would have discovered it A LOT sooner.

Also if anyone wants I can do a pic post showing it's staying power, I was thinking about doing one anyway so yeah.

Do any of you ladies out there love this eyeliner as much as I do?!

Hope you all are having a nice (long) weekend so far!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mario Badescu Samples

Ok so I'm like soooooooo late on this! I got my samples like almost a month and a half ago.I'm not really gonna go into detail with it since there's lots of other posts about them out there. I only tried them because I figured hey it's free stuff and no harm in giving it a try. But in my honest opinion non of the stuff was all that great. Here's what I got...

Out of everything I like the hyaluronic eye cream I can only put it on at night though because it really makes the eye area greasy so that's the only con I have with it but other than that it has made my puffiness go down quite a bit. The other stuff just didn't work for me at all, I used them for just a couple days and I started to break out in my usual areas of chin and forehead so I had to hurry and get back into my normal skin routine before it got crazy. lol.

So, that's my short opinion about the samples I thought I would share.

TC everyone!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hair Care Talk...

Since my last hair post I have done some updating.

I have oily skin and also unfortunately an oily scalp, so I have to wash my hair everyday because of this which then causes dryness to the rest of my hair. It really sux because I never had so many problems with my hair. I'm constantly on the look out for new products, after much trial and error this is the combo that is working for me right now...

Ok so starting off with the Herbal Essences Long term relationship shampoo and conditioner. This stuff smells AMAZING it's infused with Raspberry and satin. I just love how it makes my hair feel. I've been using them for about 3 weeks now and even in just the first couple days it really made a difference in my hair, I had a lot less dryness and more softness. I'm going to definately be sticking to this for a good while. I also really like the price, I mean if I can find a drugstore brand that can do what high end brand can then why not?! haha.

The Long term relationship leave in conditioner is really great. It really hydrates my hair and leaves it soft. One pump goes a long way, just work it into damp hair at ends and then the rest of your hair and your good to go. I have seen a lot less breakage in my ends since I started to use this so that is a huge plus.

I also throw this in the mix a couple times a week...

I know I've heard a lot of people say they don't like products that "tingle" so for those of you out there you might want to pass on this. As for me, I LOVE IT! The Degunkify shampoo says that it is a deep cleansing shampoo that strips your hair of "gunk" such as oils, dirt and hair styling products. It really does do what it claims. This also smells really good being infused with icy pineapple and cotton leaf. To me the "tingling" feeling makes my hair feel more clean and it doesn't last long at all just mostly as your shampooing and for a minute or two after rinsing.

Big Thanks to Toma at Makup Masala, I read about the H.E. leave in conditioner and the Degunkify shampoo on her "hidden gems" posts awhile back. If you haven't already checked her blog out you should, she posts about some really great stuff!

I'm so glad I finally found a good system that works for my hair, it's such a relief!

Have any of you ladies used these hair products? If so, what do you think of them?

Take Care!!

Neeyuh =)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sorry again...

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates/posts but I've been really stressed out with everything going on. I mentioned in a couple of my posts that I was planning on moving to San Diego before the end of the year but now things have changed and I have no idea when I'll move there. So the problem now is that we're living in a house that is way too expensive to afford since when we first moved in there was more of us and finding a smaller place to live has been really hard, nothing works out or we don't qualify and it's just soooo stressful! Then on top of that we're struggling to make the rent at our current place and pay bills and then we have to come up with the down payment when we do find a new place. So I may go on a small hiatus until things smooth over,I'm not sure if I will for sure yet though. I know I shouldn't because I'm still new and I'll most likely be forgotten but I might have to take that chance. I still have a few posts I already planned on doing so I'll be posting those soon and I'll try and update on the other situation when I can.

Take Care everyone!

Neeyuh =]

Friday, August 15, 2008

So I was thinking...

I'm going to be moving soon so I've been going through all of my stuff getting rid of lots and while looking through my makeup I seen some stuff I never use or just used once and never again. So I thought it might be a good idea to do a mini sale. There really isn't much but if I did would any of you ladies be interested? Here's a list of the possible sale items...

Benefit f.y.eye primer
MK signature primer
MAC pigment samples (only in 4 colors)
MAC Lacquer in Veneer'
Facefront Survival paint
Mini MAC strobe cream
Loreal HIP duo in Brazen
IsaDora mineral eyeshadow palette in gold bronze
L.A colors palette in Tease
Revlon cream blush in Precious Coral
L.A colors palette in Eye candy

I know it's not much but it's something! If no one is interested I'll just keep them or give them to my bestie.

Ok well have a good day everyone!

Neeyuh =)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Makeup Removal

I have used more makeup removers than I can count and I was soo happy when I finally found the combination I use now. So, here it is...

I use Johnson's Baby oil and MAC wipes.

I'm not sure if using the baby oil is good for your eyes or not, but I did read up about it and nowhere does it say it's bad. I personally think it's the best because it really breaks down all the eye makeup even waterproof mascara and it gets eyeliner off my waterline with just a few swipes, which is really great because before I really had to do a lot to get it off. The only downside may be that you have to wash it off but to me it's not bad for the great job it does removing the makeup. The biggest pro is it's price, I have the 4oz. size and it was only $1.00 so it's way cheaper than the usual makeup removers out there.

I really like the MAC wipes. They get all the face makeup off in just a couple swipes along the face, they do leave a greasy/sticky feeling on your face but other than that they are really great. Not a bargain like the baby oil they go for $25 for a 100 pack.

What do you ladies think about using baby oil as a makeup remover? Have any of you tried it?

Monday, August 11, 2008


So this is the look I'm rockin today...Just a simple and fast gray smokey eye.

Just the eyes...
The flash on my cam washed it out a little.

Products Used:


MAC prep+prime face w/spf
MAC studio fix powder in NC42

MAC Print on lid
Icing shimmery gray eyeshadow (no name) on crease.
MAC Ricepaper for highlight
Loreal Carbon black lineur intense
MAC prep+prime Lash
Maybelline Colossal mascara
MAC Technakohl eyeliner
MAC Carbon to set eyeliner

Rosebud salve
MAC lipglass in Lust

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ok so...

I know it's been a couple months now but I still feel "new" and since there's so many blogs out there I love and keep up with it kinda overwhelms me. So I thought it would be easier if I replied to all the comments I get in the actual post instead of going back to each blog like I have been doing. I will continue to comment everyone as much as I can, I just love reading everyone's blog so much! I just wanted to let you all know so no comments or questions go unanswered. Take Care everyone!!

Neeyuh =]

Friday, August 8, 2008

The makeup I use the most

I have this little basket I keep next to my mirror with the makeup I use the most. Not that everything is hard to get out but I usually tend to always grab these things so I figured why not just put them in one place? It's mostly neutral colors I tend to steer towards but I do break out the colors when I have time. So here's a pic of it all...

It includes: MAC eyeshadow in Llama (a great highlight!), Smith's rosebud salve, my MAC palette ( Ricepaper, Gesso, Vapour, Rose blanc, Claire de lune, Tete a tint, Cork, 2 Textures, Haux, Carbon, Brown script, Swiss chocolate, Beauty burst and Girlie) MAC pigments in Chocolate Brown and Tan, Studio Fix in NC42, MAC prep+prime face w/spf, MAC technakohl in graphblack, UDPP, L'oreal carbon black lineur intense, MAC lipglass in Lust, MAC Lustreglass in Love nectar, Bonnebell clear mascara (for brows), MAC prep+prime lash, Maybelline Colossal and Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturizer.

Do any of you ladies do this,have the makeup you regularly use close at hand?

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Review: Ped Egg

I got a request from someone anonymous to do a review on the Ped Egg and I figured it would be a good thing to share anyway so here it is...

Make sure to hold it just like this when using on your feet.
Where you can find it: Most drugstores, Walmart and Target.
It retails for: $9.99
Advertised as: PedEgg™ gently removes callouses and dead skin to give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel that everybody loves.
5/5 peace signs.

I LOVE this thing! I mean even if your feet aren't that bad it will take things off you didn't know you had. You have to make sure you hold it vertical and move it up and down to take the access skin off if you do it any other direction it won't work right, you also have to keep it upright because if not the "contents" will fall out and get everywhere. That is one con about it but other than that it's great! Just a couple swipes to your heels or sides of feet and they are really smooth. After you're done the plate with the blade just pops off and you empty it out. I also suggest rinsing it after every use. Then just snap it all back together and store it until next use. I would definately suggest it for at home pedicures for you ladies who don't have the extra cash to go to the nail salon, Like me! It's totally worth the $10!

Hope you all liked this review there really wasn't much else to say about it.
Neeyuh =]

Saturday, August 2, 2008


So I thought I would share my fav brushes and just the ones I use the most. Here they are...

Loew-Cornell Maxine Mop Brushes. L-1/2, R-3/8.

I'm sure by now most of you have heard of these. I started to use them after EnKore introduced them and I'm sooooo glad he did! These brushes are great, I used the 1/2 for all over lid color and under waterline. I use the 3/8 for highlighting or lid color when I'm in a hurry and just using one color and nothing else. You can find these brushes at most craft stores, I got mine at Michaels. They retail for about $3-$5.

Ms.Makeup Shader/Blending brush.

I am soooooooo in love with this brush! I use it for highlighting and it's also a great blender, just a few swipes and those harsh lines are gone. I found this one at Ulta awhile back and now they no longer carry them (at my store atleast) which makes me sad cuz I would buy more from this line judgeing by this brush. From what I remember this brush was only $2.00.

MAC 224,217 and 263

These are my only MAC brushes. I use the 224 and 217 for the usual blending, the 217 though has really helped me get a good outer v look which before I had a little trouble with. I use the 263 to apply eyeshadow to my waterline to set my eyeliner.

Deluxe Crease, Round angle blender and Round Crease.

From what I've seen of crown brushes I think these are it, but I bought mine at a county fair from a company called Escondido Cosmetics. The deluxe creaser is great for blending when I don't use the MAC 224. The round angle blender is my fav out of these 3 because it really gives the crease great definition before I had this brush it never looked as good. I have always wanted a round crease brush which is similar to a pencil brush and this one is great it makes it easy to apply shadow under my waterline but I haven't tried it in my crease just yet. These brushes were about $7.00 each.

Mini Bronzer and Mini Kabuki

These are my 2 face brushes I normally use, I switch off. The mini bronzer is also a brush I got from the Escondido cosmetics company. I don't use it for bronzing though I use it to apply my studio fix powder it gives me good coverage and really buffs it in so I don't have any empty spots. The mini kabuki came in a brush set I got at Costco, I use it either for my foundation and sometimes for my blush (when I use it, which is rare). It has a tiny bit of shedding even after washing it several times but all in all it's not a bad brush.

Ok so that's it. If you have any questions about anything I might have left out, please ask!

Have a great weekend everyone! =)